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  1. ‘Fingerprint’ system could customize Alzheimer’s treatment
  2. Patient reports suggest it’s better to avoid catheters
  3. Airbnb doesn’t boost business in black or Hispanic areas
  4. 4 barriers to moving beyond intimate partner violence
  5. How evolution guides animals to pick the right mates
  6. Marriage equality improved gay men’s health access
  7. A.I. predicts side effects for millions of drug combos
  8. Things aren’t looking good for the Amazon rainforest
  9. Supportive coworkers are key to pumping at work
  10. Big data beats animal testing for finding toxic chemicals
  11. Jet stream discovery may lead to better weather predictions
  12. Young women get earlier cancer diagnoses under Obamacare
  13. Enzyme discovery could lead to new drugs for TB
  14. Employer preference for ‘passion’ could be unfair
  15. Gold ‘glitter’ reveals defects in 3D printing
  16. Too much CO2 robs milkweed of ‘medicine’ for monarchs
  17. Top diabetes treatments don’t work in kids and teens
  18. Why you shouldn’t say ‘girls are as good as boys at math’
  19. Oxygen had to fight a ‘war’ for Earth’s atmosphere
  20. Do rankings punish Medicare plans for disadvantaged patients?
  21. ‘Antifreeze’ proteins let bacteria survive cold storage
  22. Small talk might be awful, but it doesn’t hurt you
  23. Cold temps lead to offspring with more ‘good fat’
  24. See-through fish could reveal origins of neuroblastoma
  25. Incarcerating parents endangers kids’ health later
  26. Touch to baby’s lips sets off intense brain response
  27. How fragile memories help us learn new stuff
  28. Polar oceans are hot spots for new fish species
  29. Atomic imaging exposes how malaria invades our blood cells
  30. Poll: Immigration and money split U.S. voters
  31. Nanolaser uses chameleon trick to change colors
  32. Report: Small banks discriminate against people of color
  33. Orangutans aren’t as leery of us as we thought
  34. 15 minutes of exercise can make a new skill stick
  35. Fern’s genome could be secret weapon against pesky bugs
  36. Men with cancer are less likely to accept palliative care
  37. Watch a 4-mile long iceberg collapse into the ocean
  38. Device uses sound waves to split tumor cells from blood
  39. Tiny fossil foot: Toddlers once had toes for climbing trees
  40. Biomarkers identify sight-stealing, flesh-eating infection
  41. Potential drug for pain doesn’t work like an opioid
  42. Lifelong virus actually strengthens older immune systems
  43. Most inner-belt asteroids come from just 5 or 6 planets
  44. Opioid interventions overlook women’s needs
  45. Outdoor air pollution linked to higher diabetes risk
  46. Extra testosterone gets guys into luxury brands
  47. Let this app tell you which food option is healthier
  48. Not all aggressive kids are bullies
  49. Hundreds of years ago, American dogs mysteriously vanished
  50. Sports got ancient foragers ready for war
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