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  1. Cannabis compounds slow colon cancer in the lab
  2. Lifestyle doesn’t affect these hormone concentrations in womb
  3. Manuscripts reveal Horn of Africa’s Islamic history
  4. When corals go extinct, it hurts the survivors
  5. The future of well-being isn’t about money
  6. A little digital piracy boosts the bottom line
  7. Women have ‘younger’ brains than men
  8. Pain creams work about as well as placebos
  9. Do enlarged prostates actually protect against tumors?
  10. Ceramic sensors could let us know when bridges feel strain
  11. Money can change which news stories we believe
  12. Did RNA’s ancestors form neat spirals with ease?
  13. Restaurants spew out lots of aerosol pollution
  14. Machine learning lets old building use less heat
  15. Millennial voters don’t all think the same way
  16. Right exercise ‘dose’ treats teen concussions
  17. 6 weeks? Moms get bad advice about sex after birth
  18. Can extra fuel delivery recharge aging cells?
  19. Women who get in vitro face higher complication risk
  20. Squid shed light on how bacteria-filled organs evolved
  21. More people are overdosing on this diarrhea med
  22. Copyright just lifted on lots of neat stuff
  23. There really is value in having a primary care doctor
  24. Flares hint at another way black holes eat and grow
  25. There really is value in having a primary care doctor
  26. Flares hint at another way black holes eat and grow
  27. Mars trip could mess with ‘rookie’ immune systems
  28. ‘Mini quantum collider’ may lead to better spintronics
  29. When oil rigs become reefs, everyone benefits
  30. Lampreys can regenerate severed spines more than once
  31. Team sports aren’t enough exercise for homeschoolers
  32. Thermal imaging offers better way to assess burns
  33. Hot way to clean polluted soil passes lettuce test
  34. Years-old Mars rover gets a new trick
  35. Method makes better atom-thin ‘nanochips’ for less
  36. Future polymer batteries wouldn’t contain any metal
  37. What’s going on with the latest measles outbreak?
  38. Getting close with employees can backfire on bosses
  39. Can parasite ‘birth control’ fight malaria’s spread?
  40. Going to and from South Asia? Get a T.B. test
  41. Starting to exercise might make you want healthy food
  42. ‘Cooking chemistry’ produces new, less toxic glue
  43. Why the Greenland ice sheet is melting away
  44. How government programs could boost recovery after financial crisis
  45. Graphene crinkles create ‘molecular zippers’
  46. New strategy fights hackers with ‘false hope’
  47. 5X rate of ’emergency’ blood pressure for African Americans
  48. Bigger dogs outdo little ones at this intelligence test
  49. Experts rush to I.D. an invasive, self-cloning tick
  50. The case for teaching teens to question ‘the classics’
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