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  1. Don’t give opioid cough medicine to kids. Here’s why
  2. Facial recognition app tracks endangered primates
  3. Calculation untangles DNA mixtures at crime scenes
  4. Millennials may prefer reading paper books over e-books
  5. Communities with these things say they’re healthier and happier
  6. Will new NFL policy stop kneeling during the national anthem?
  7. Eczema drug eases most severe asthma symptoms
  8. 5 big questions about the science of ‘Star Wars’
  9. Tiny valve can sort a lone nanoparticle from liquid
  10. Working out may keep young women from shrinking later
  11. Coin-toss cheaters also break these school rules
  12. Early obesity may lead to school-age cognitive trouble
  13. Embryonic stem cells form useful proto-nervous system
  14. Pterodactyls didn’t actually fly splay-legged like bats
  15. This may be why you gain weight when you quit smoking
  16. 3 steps to fight mass incarceration in the United States
  17. How to detect a ‘mystery’ state in liquid crystals
  18. Closing power plants cuts rate of preterm baby births
  19. Can you spot the liar in this group?
  20. How to protect yourself from ticks this summer
  21. Pups born in summer have greater heart disease risk
  22. Black male teachers face unrealistic expectations
  23. Drug combo may ease near-term risk of second stroke
  24. Fructose in formula threatens babies with this disorder
  25. Gel regrows mouse neurons after brain-damaging strokes
  26. Your spouse’s BMI may predict your diabetes risk
  27. Exercise doesn’t slow cognitive decline
  28. Online archive to document African-American soldiers in Civil War
  29. More HPV vaccines could prevent head and neck cancers
  30. Gun owners, non-owners agree on these proposals
  31. Sugary soda is extra bad for you, say experts
  32. For nurses, working overtime may cut collaboration
  33. Our tiny, furry genetic ancestors were bug eaters
  34. Understanding bacteria ‘switch’ could lead to new antibiotics
  35. We’re messing up the way hippo poo keeps rivers healthy
  36. Gay teen guys use hookup apps like Grindr to find friends
  37. Bird and turtle genomes offer clues to ancient lizardy creature
  38. In an office of machines, where will you fit in?
  39. Daily aspirin linked to higher melanoma risk for men
  40. More Americans have tried e-cigarettes, but fewer use them
  41. We recognize ‘green’ design quickly but don’t really know why
  42. Did 250 Siberians become the first Native Americans?
  43. Ready to enter kindergarten? Language skills are key
  44. Octopus-like ‘smart gel’ walks and moves objects underwater
  45. Discovery upends assumptions about birth defects
  46. Ready to enter kindergarten? Language skills are crucial
  47. Cocoa crops could get shady but still supply lots of chocolate
  48. Better online tools give you more ways to check ‘fake news’
  49. ‘Traveler’s diarrhea’ can be even worse with this blood type
  50. How a virus can cause joint-crippling arthritis
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