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  1. Enter your info to calculate poverty risk
  2. DNA to store Massive Attack album for near eternity
  3. Drug dials down intense opioid-related itching
  4. Activating these ‘keyhole’ receptors stops hunger
  5. ‘Sea Monkeys’ show how tiny critters churn ocean
  6. Wireless camera streams HD video with way less power
  7. Wireless camera streams HD video with far less power
  8. Survey finds reasons to worry about U.S. democracy
  9. Here’s how effective the next flu shot will be
  10. Growing liver cancer in the lab may speed up drug testing
  11. Weight might not be why obesity damages knees
  12. Implant would put a mole on your skin to warn of tumor
  13. Devices ease limitations for doctors with disabilities
  14. These interruptions slow down E.R. nurses
  15. How volcanic rock traps CO2 and turns it inert
  16. Tungsten in drinking water builds up in bones
  17. ALS-linked protein clusters may actually protect neurons
  18. Stressed out cells stash RNA to keep it safe
  19. Longer lives mean more people will have dementia
  20. Know-it-alls are more ignorant than they’ll admit
  21. Computer model can tell farmers what crops to plant
  22. Humor is good for you—if you do it right
  23. New speech in French Revolution paved way for change
  24. Binary stars can eject ‘castaways’ into space
  25. Ice cliffs make these Himalayan glaciers melt faster
  26. Why scientists thought Ebola would mutate really fast
  27. Treating manure doesn’t remove all the antibiotics
  28. Diamonds and quantum mechanics ‘light up’ MRI scans
  29. Listen: What it’s like to discover a ‘missing link’ fish
  30. What if we’re not Earth’s first big civilization?
  31. 3D-printed cervixes teach how to screen for cancer
  32. Scientist debunks 5 food allergy myths
  33. Sleepy kids may struggle with obesity later
  34. Lots more stroke patients end up at big hospitals
  35. DNA-repairing ‘protein shield’ also affects cancer treatment
  36. Serum attacks mosquito spit protein to fight malaria
  37. This program would ease the pain of doing your taxes
  38. Clay specks turn stem cells into bone and cartilage
  39. The planet-hunter telescope TESS launches today
  40. Antibiotic cream works on viruses, too
  41. How does China steal U.S. intellectual property?
  42. ALS shares genetic links with rare dementia
  43. Tiny needles give defibrillators a big boost
  44. These hints get people to save some tax refund
  45. This stuff could rebuild teeth and cure cavities
  46. Jokey bosses can encourage rule breakers
  47. How norovirus infections get their start
  48. Public health benefits of vaping outweigh risks
  49. Scientists say forensics needs more actual science
  50. These sea turtles use magnetic fields like GPS
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