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  1. Mission finds watery ‘hydroxyls’ on asteroid Bennu
  2. Knowing just one gay person shifts attitudes
  3. Your phone could work at extreme temps with new plastic
  4. Exercise at night won’t mess up your sleep
  5. Bees wearing backpacks could replace some drones
  6. How to make STEM more inclusive of black women
  7. Yes, protests really can sway elections
  8. Microscopes offer peek at mosquito virus on the move
  9. Black teens deal with stop-and-frisk on way to school
  10. Clear expectations cut school suspensions
  11. CO2-driven acidity hits oceans hard
  12. How peace with FARC threatens Colombia’s forests
  13. Your eyes are a window to your stress
  14. 2 proteins decide whether cells become placenta or baby
  15. Computer model flags aggressive prostate cancer
  16. Learning genetic risk can change how your body works
  17. Parents talk to kids about tech but not what they watch
  18. Most Americans are clueless about state government. You?
  19. When we reach and grasp, our neurons work as a team
  20. Will a new pest beat transgenic corn to African farms?
  21. Collagen-munching enzyme helps tumors spread
  22. 11 newfound epilepsy genes may lead to better treatments
  23. Artificial mother-of-pearl material breaks world record
  24. Black walnuts contain health-boosting compounds too
  25. Your gut microbiome is ‘more than the sum of its parts’
  26. People still favor guys for ‘high I.Q.’ jobs
  27. Blue crabs face dire threat thanks to climate change
  28. Watch an explosive showdown between lab-made lava and water
  29. Blocking messages between cancer cells may stop their spread
  30. One of the planets around TRAPPIST-1 may have an ocean
  31. The way bacteria ‘go fishing’ could improve antibiotics
  32. Tiny device stimulates brain without major surgery
  33. How membranes let microbes live in extreme places
  34. Climate change was behind Earth’s largest extinction
  35. Tiny ceramic particles make this building material fire-safe
  36. Recovering frogs plop from backpacks into new places
  37. How cells do ‘quality control’ for misfolded proteins
  38. Chronic kidney disease bucks trends in all 50 states
  39. Gecko-inspired nanofiber ‘carpet’ could lead to superpower coatings
  40. Data on dads shift how young women view their future
  41. Artificial intelligence fools fingerprint security systems
  42. New 2D sensors can cover any smooth surface
  43. Why doctors say gun violence is ‘their lane’
  44. Why doctors say gun violence is ‘their lane’
  45. Man’s lifelong immune weakness is a new disease
  46. Fossil fuel emissions climb for 2nd straight year
  47. Graphene strengthens seaweed-based smart material
  48. Rodents navigate like Pacific Island sailors
  49. The vast majority of people fib to the doctor. Why?
  50. Alaskan forests show resilience in face of climate change
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