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  1. Graphene strengthens seaweed-based smart material
  2. Rodents navigate like Pacific Island sailors
  3. The vast majority of people fib to the doctor. Why?
  4. Alaskan forests show resilience in face of climate change
  5. Neighborhood support boosts middle school grades
  6. ‘Law of light absorption’ solves sooty climate mystery
  7. New drug ‘building block’ won’t damage your liver
  8. Doctors say electronic health records up burnout risk
  9. Anti-parasite protein could put the brakes on emphysema
  10. Marriott, too: Businesses are losing cyber ‘arms race’
  11. Could drones replace cameras for making animated movies?
  12. Vaping marijuana might be too much for first-timers
  13. Mystery disease that paralyzes kids may flourish this winter
  14. How to protect your phone as you shop and travel
  15. After disasters, these types of community groups fight poverty’s rise
  16. Demand for ‘sustainable’ palm oil ravages forests
  17. It’s going to get hot and dry all over at the same time
  18. Hate and violence on the rise: Is history repeating itself?
  19. Virtual reality connects students to reef die-offs
  20. Garlic oil beats antibiotics at killing Lyme bacteria in lab
  21. The ‘new American farmer’ isn’t who you think
  22. ‘Flowstones’ change timeline of early human ancestors
  23. U.S. groundwater supply is smaller than we thought
  24. New solar panel material can take more heat
  25. More info from sound waves could make sonar better
  26. Garlic oil beats antibiotics at killing Lyme bacteria
  27. With no teeth or filters, ancient whales used suction to eat
  28. Open source tool picks best chemo drug 80% of the time
  29. People with OCD get stuck in ‘loop of wrongness’
  30. Here’s the case for mandatory voting in the U.S.
  31. Teens don’t have to be underweight to have anorexia
  32. Alcohol trouble more likely for some never-deployed soldiers
  33. There’s a good reason fish never quit wiggling
  34. Teens prank health surveys but researchers fight back
  35. Big study links gene to risk of alcohol dependence
  36. Diabetics, be careful driving to your cholesterol test
  37. How kids with ‘overweight genes’ can lose pounds
  38. Lizards get twitchy to survive fire ant invasion
  39. Forearm arteries work just fine for coronary bypass
  40. Missing muskrat ‘houses’ warn of habitat loss
  41. Cotton biofuel cell could one day power pacemakers
  42. When mental illness isn’t a medical issue, homeless people suffer
  43. Forcing kids to say ‘I’m sorry’ doesn’t fool anybody
  44. ‘Polar wander’ may be behind Earth’s most recent ice age
  45. Malaria drug shows promise for treating Ebola
  46. Barfing kid? Don’t waste your money on probiotics
  47. Early-life stress changes brain development in mice
  48. Sunken ‘beaches’ offer vision of Catalina’s undersea future
  49. What comes first: Marijuana use or behavior problems?
  50. It doesn’t take long to believe your own lies
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