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  1. Bees stopped buzzing during 2017 solar eclipse
  2. ‘Holodeck’ project brings VR and augmented reality together
  3. Atomic microscope offers peek at how cells behave
  4. 13-billion-year-old star is made of Big Bang stuff
  5. Bugs show stream revival succeeded after mine damage
  6. Sign language points to limitations of speech
  7. Online course may change ideas about who’s ‘math-minded’
  8. Add-on gives antibiotic more oomph in MRSA fight
  9. A.I. teaches Minecraft players about architecture
  10. CRISPR solves cotton bollworm resistance mystery
  11. Sudden heat can drive RNA changes in plants
  12. What students don’t know about boozy blackouts increases risk
  13. Clean apartments are less likely to house cockroaches
  14. Lifespan continues to increase with each generation
  15. Colon removal linked to higher diabetes risk
  16. Chimpanzees make helpful choices faster than selfish ones
  17. Yearly screening doesn’t reduce chlamydia in young people
  18. EEG test measures pain better than ‘smiley face’ scale
  19. Soda can metal may solve hydrogen fuel cell problem
  20. Bacteria in giant aquarium mirror natural ocean microbes
  21. ‘Resting zone’ skeletal stem cells are actually hard at work
  22. Haywire immune protein kickstarts rare genetic disease
  23. Human activity is dissolving the ocean floor
  24. MRI shows how zap could cure stomach woes
  25. Is political neutrality in classrooms actually neutral?
  26. Device improves balance in 100% of vets with Gulf War illness
  27. How ‘stealth’ leukemia sneaks back after remission
  28. Memories of your parents may have long-term health effects
  29. ‘Nanostraws’ safely deliver molecules to human cells in seconds
  30. Financial education could ease student loan stress
  31. Breast milk and formula mold gut bacteria differently
  32. Tiny device bends light to create radiation
  33. Political divide shapes which eBay sellers users prefer
  34. Nanotubes could lead to faster lithium batteries that last
  35. Viruses may not be as symmetrical as scientists thought
  36. Most women with incontinence skip the doctor
  37. Why a warmer world may mean a wetter Arctic
  38. Dig through dirt uncovers new way to fight TB
  39. Two Milky Way satellite galaxies once collided
  40. Urban or suburban? It’s not just about your zip code
  41. How do daughters affect their dad’s voting?
  42. This is the world’s tiniest robotic catheter
  43. ‘Jumping gene’ regulator protein curbs cancer growth
  44. Naps stymie learning in kids with Down syndrome
  45. Neighbors band together to get rid of pesky mosquitoes
  46. We want chatbots to express emotions the right way
  47. ‘Heavy’ multitasking may cramp your memory
  48. Coal power regulations neglect sulfur dioxide danger
  49. New view on Roman text rewrites wine-making history
  50. As populations decline, here’s how towns can ‘shrink smart’
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