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  1. As winter approaches here's how to wake up when it's dark outside
  2. Sharing your negative emotions with your kids is better than hiding them
  3. The best Spotify add-ons and tricks
  4. Make your phone and computer team up to get more done
  5. Modern birds might have dinosaur lungs to thank for their existence
  6. Yes you really can work yourself to death
  7. The world's largest organism is being eaten alive by deer
  8. This could be the fiercest Pacific hurricane season ever
  9. Three artificial intelligence and tech tools trying to boost people's mental health
  10. When and how did dinosaurs go extinct?
  11. Keep your home's temperature up and the heating bill down
  12. Heres why NASA is working on a concept manned mission to Venus
  13. India to move to contactless driving licences that traffic officers can read with NFC devices
  14. French bank pilots fingerprint card that removes the contactless transaction limit
  15. The smaller the city the bigger the flu epidemic
  16. Why counting Central Park's squirrels isn't nuts
  17. Why do I feel dizzy after spinning?
  18. Microphotography gallery: Larger than life photos of tiny objects
  19. The secret to being a great naked mole-rat mom is in their poop
  20. A beginner's guide to building your own PC
  21. The most important science policy issue in every state
  22. Some hummingbirds hit notes so high only a dog could hear them
  23. Scientists caught an Antarctic ice shelf singing a strange tune
  24. New MacBook Air a Samsung smartphone with four rear cameras and the rest of the current tech rumors
  25. A mysterious polio-like illness in children has the CDC baffled
  26. Google Pixel 3 review: The best smartphone camera around (for now)
  27. The weirdest things we learned this week: birthing rabbits gruesome taxidermy and the Parthenon's best-kept secret
  28. Our favorite finalists from the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards
  29. Why is Pluto no longer a planet?
  30. India moves towards interoperable mobile wallets
  31. Apple issues apology to Chinese mobile wallet phishing victims
  32. Bees deal with darkness the same way humans do
  33. Get ready for a lot more facial recognition at the airport
  34. Now's the time to get your kids the flu vaccine
  35. Flames aren't the only danger firefighters face. Sometimes there's a bear.
  36. Adobes Project Brush Bounty uses AI to paint animation into static illustrations
  37. 22 things that make traveling way less stressful
  38. Recent intergalactic flashes might help solve this great astronomical mystery
  39. Barclays pitches watch makers on the benefits of wearable payments
  40. Why erectile dysfunction meds can have serious side effects
  41. Telecoms boss gets NFC access control chip implanted in hand
  42. Contactless payments overtake chip and pin in the UK
  43. Last week in tech: A gaggle of new Google gadgets more info on the Facebook hack and robot parkour
  44. Brain-eating amoebas are spreadingand thats just as bad as it sounds
  45. How to pick the right wireless charger for your smartphone
  46. "First Man" is astonishingly accurate--here's how NASA helped
  47. Climate change brings rising seasand beer prices
  48. The terrifying new climate change report has one silver lining
  49. The EPA just scrapped two expert panels tasked with evaluating air pollution
  50. Five science tricks to scare up a better Halloween costume
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