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  1. Hardware failure to blame for Visa Europe service disruption
  2. Mastercard to pilot cardless ATM withdrawals
  3. India and Singapore link up their national payments networks
  4. Italian merchants to pilot PIN-on-mobile payments
  5. Some 83000 members of the U.S. military are missing. This group tries to bring them home.
  6. TCL picks STMicroelectronics NFC controller for Alcatel 3V smartphone
  7. Four intense ways insects sacrifice themselves for the good of the colony
  8. Apple Pay adds order ahead support
  9. Five battery-saving Android features that will keep your phone alive
  10. Shyness pays off...when you're a hungry prawn
  11. Apple WWDC: Looking back at 2017 and what to expect in 2018
  12. Where does outer space start?
  13. X-raying immigrants to determine their age isnt just illegal its horrible science
  14. Ernest Hemingway's Florida home is ready to withstand its 168th hurricane season
  15. To identify 100-million-year-old amber consider licking it
  16. Meet NFC Worlds partners at Money20/20 Europe
  17. Everything you need to know about the chemical one White House aide called a public relations nightmare
  18. What airport wayfinding can teach TC practitioners
  19. Understanding blockchain technology
  20. This common toothpaste ingredient could be wreaking havoc on your gut
  21. Black Ember used laser-cutting and bonding to make a rugged waterproof backpack
  22. Whats hiding in the outer solar system?
  23. Spiders are secretly great roommates
  24. You should reboot and update your router to protect from malware
  25. Carbon emissions are sucking the nutrition out of our food
  26. Exploring the complicated link between volcanoes and religion
  27. Four gadgets for creating a calm baby nursery
  28. This tiny laser-powered RoboFly could sniff out forest fires and gas leaks
  29. Psychedelics gave me my life back
  30. The weirdest things we learned this week: wild weather Victorian cannibalism and the female orgasm (as told by a 12th-century nun)
  31. These are the actual side effects of Ambien
  32. Pro basketball players' synchronous movements might help us predict the next NBA champ
  33. There are only 13 actual vitamins and youll die without them
  34. Scientists just discovered 125 million-year-old dinosaur dandruff
  35. Heres what kind of data genetics testing companies can share
  36. Watch a camera capture its own fiery death in the wake of a rocket launch
  37. The EPA has a new plan that's good for business and bad for bodies
  38. iOS 11.4 finally cleans up text conversations with Messages in iCloud
  39. How to start composting at home
  40. Why deep-sounding personality tests often provide shallow answers
  41. How to send self-destructing messages
  42. Stop popping your pimples
  43. Rambus explains how tokenization can be used to reduce the risks of real-time payments
  44. Asian ride hailing giant Grab to let users pay for public transit with its app
  45. Australian banks launch Beem It P2P payments app
  46. Chinese banks report growth in mobile payments volumes
  47. Londons buskers to go contactless
  48. How to handle a koala-chlamydia epidemic
  49. What happens if you eat too many Tums?
  50. Last week in tech: Have you updated your privacy policy?
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