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  1. Apple to add new NFC features in iOS 12?
  2. Versions of Han Solos blaster already exist
  3. Lab-grown meat might not be the answer to our protein problem
  4. Save hundreds of dollars on a custom computer deskby building it yourself
  5. New science books to read this weekend
  6. The science fiction podcasts every nerd should listen to
  7. 10 pieces of clutch motorcycle gear for all riders
  8. How modern-day dinosaurs survived the apocalypse
  9. I created the first digital meme
  10. Google Pay adds support for Japanese payment cards
  11. PayPal extends its partnership with Google Pay
  12. Pluto may be made up of a billion comets
  13. Artificial intelligence can take your bad whistling and make it sound like Mozart
  14. Lava is creating more Hawai'i. It's also forming corrosive acid mist
  15. Does a black hole ever die?
  16. Grill gear to make your barbecue the best on the block
  17. Use all those GDPR privacy policy notifications to clean up your inbox and kill zombie accounts
  18. Why your office is so cold and how to deal with it
  19. To save a dog breed change it
  20. What to expect from the new GMO labels we're getting in 2020
  21. Sleeping in on the weekend might be good for you but it's not going to fix all your problems
  22. The weirdest things we learned this week: the best dog of all time kindles of kittens and mushrooms eating human corpses
  23. Cosmic collisions with their neighbors may have weighed these white dwarfs down
  24. Bonnie and Clyde's getaway car has hidden lessons for cops in the self-driving vehicle era
  25. It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a drone that loves trash!
  26. How to keep your dank memes and other creations safe from internet thieves
  27. You have questions about sunscreen. We have answers.
  28. Mouser Electronics
  29. Boeing's new 777x planes have wings so wide they need to fold just to fit at the gate
  30. The biomechanics behind Michael Jacksons impossible dance moves
  31. Best known for aliens and Elvis this remote town is now at the vanguard of a global revolution
  32. Getting on a plane? Here's how they're inspected to keep you safe
  33. What are quantum dots and why are we making them out of tea?
  34. The elusive Planet Nine might be behind this asteroids bizarre orbit
  35. Starbucks continues to lead the US mobile payments market
  36. The best ways to send files wirelessly
  37. Translink adds mobile payments for transit users in Vancouver
  38. Exclusive: Watch a new video of lightning strikes seen from space
  39. NASA is about to create the coldest spot in the known universe
  40. Last week in tech: The whole world is going premium
  41. Thunder fever sounds fake but it's a real danger to asthma sufferers
  42. Caught in a race against climate change lizards hit an evolutionary dead end
  43. Should I work out when Im sick?
  44. EMVCo releases QR Payment Mark
  45. Bank of America adds AI assistant to mobile banking app
  46. While you sleep scientists will use a space telescope to spy on migrating birds
  47. The HopePage: Mining Crypto For UNICEF
  48. Octopuses are not aliens but boy are they a bunch of beautiful weirdos
  49. Everything self-driving cars calculate before changing lanes
  50. The FDA approved a drug that treats opioid addiction that isnt addictive itself
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