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  1. Why hasnt the sun burned out yet?
  2. Google Pay begins to roll out on the web
  3. Amazon to offer discounts to merchants that sign up for Amazon Pay
  4. How to make your headphones more comfortable
  5. Mastercard CEO: Single buy button to start rolling out at the end of this year
  6. These are the most commonand deadliestallergies
  7. The universe may be a giant video game but it certainly isn't Pac-Man
  8. China's opening a factory to build engines for hypersonic missiles and spaceplanes
  9. How to recover your precious data from a seemingly-dead computer
  10. Apple Pay to go live in Norway Poland and Ukraine as transit ticketing drives consumer adoption
  11. Consumer DNA tests cant tell you much but they sure can get your relatives arrested
  12. ANZ reports 156% increase in mobile payment volumes
  13. GlobalPlatform adds biometric security APIs
  14. Mastercard to let cardholders self-enrol on biometric payment cards
  15. Yes Earth's magnetic poles can flip. But they probably won't anytime soon.
  16. Watch water droplets dance across a surface using electricity
  17. Everything you need to know from Facebook's 2018 F8 developer conference
  18. These free apps will help you type faster
  19. Inside the high-tech last-ditch effort to save the northern white rhino
  20. A pets death can hurt more than losing a fellow human
  21. Last week in tech: See the world through rose-colored Spectacles
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