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  1. NFC World launches Go to Market service for innovative technology suppliers
  2. Shorter winters are stunting the growth of plants
  3. Whats the difference between a comet and an asteroid?
  4. Ethanol is renewable but that doesn't mean it's good for us
  5. Here's how to find out if you were part of the latest Facebook hack
  6. Humans could survive underground but it would take a lot more than shovels
  7. Five giant backyard games to get you through fall
  8. New U.S. Law Addresses Control of Emerging Technologies
  9. Glowing skin might start in your genes
  10. A savvy shopper's guide to spotting fake Amazon reviews
  11. Volcano decides eruptions are boring tries sliding into the sea instead
  12. New U.S. Law Addresses Control of Emerging Technologies
  13. Russia's rocket failure could leave the ISS without a crew
  14. How to set up your home Wi-Fi
  15. Commonwealth Bank to test smart money that knows what it can be spent on
  16. Alipay: Hackers have used stolen Apple IDs to lift funds from mobile wallets
  17. Scientists just created healthy mice with same-sex parents
  18. Amazon moves into in-store payments in India
  19. Visa to use audio chirp to boost its digital brand awareness
  20. How to track the digital subscriptions silently draining your bank account
  21. Astronauts safe after sudden emergency rocket landing
  22. There is simply no precedent for Hurricane Michael
  23. Miranda to Europa: You think youve got treacherous landing zones? Hold my beer
  24. The weirdest things we learned this week: eating your own twin embalmed milk and levitating frogs
  25. This wacky-looking font can help you remember what you read
  26. Outfit your bathroom to be the best space in your house
  27. Hurricane forecasts can be confusinghere's a helpful glossary
  28. These scientists may be your next members of Congress
  29. JCB rolls out support for Google Pay in Japan
  30. Westpac launches designer wearable payments range
  31. This machine could turn your power walking into usable energy
  32. Mount Vesuvius murdered its victims in more brutal ways than we thought
  33. So what's the deal with homeopathy?
  34. Hurricane Michael is approaching Floridaand growing fast
  35. Innovation war and glory: the soldier-scientist who unlocked the secrets of the Sahara
  36. Voyager 2 is almost outside the sun's protective bubble
  37. All the cool new gadgets from Google's Pixel 3 smartphone launch event
  38. What you should know about the new climate change report
  39. NFC Forum expands support for device pairing and personal healthcare monitoring
  40. GlobalPlatform adds financial configuration that makes it easier to add payment access control and transport ticketing applications to wearables
  41. Will cracking my knuckles give me arthritis?
  42. Fifty-foot-tall ice spikes might make it hard to land on Europa
  43. I invented an evaporation-driven car
  44. Last week in tech: A massive hardware hack new Microsoft devices and concept cars
  45. Hurricane categories consider windspeed but ignore one of the deadliest effects
  46. Throwing knives is growing more popularhere's how to get started
  47. Apple Pay to launch in Saudi Arabia soon
  48. H&M invests in Klarna to let fashion shoppers try before they buy
  49. CIMB deploys multi-QR POS terminals that support six different mobile payment services
  50. Taiwan Cooperative Bank tests standardized EMVCo QR codes for payments
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