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  1. Maker Faire 2018 preview: A car-crushing hand cotton-candy robot and DIY catapult competition
  2. Human spit is actually a great cleaning solution (and other award-winning scientific finds)
  3. Ditch your phone's built-in web browser for these seven alternatives
  4. Hot computers are slow and dangeroushere's how to fix yours
  5. Megapixels: Hurricane Florence races the sun to reach the East Coast in this epic satellite photo
  6. Rolls Royce built a silent isolation chamber in its Phantom luxury car
  7. Humans are natural runnersand this ancient gene mutation might have helped
  8. Three affordable soundbars worth bringing home
  9. Hurricane Florences slow creep across the Carolinas is bad news
  10. Hurricane category ratings can be misleading. Check out these deadly minor storms.
  11. Your phone screen is probably too brighthere's how to darken it beyond the built-in limit
  12. Fatal gas explosions rock Massachusetts townsand the cause is still unclear
  13. Our seasons are out of whack which is really bad for migratory birds
  14. The Apple Watch is evolving into a legitimate medical device
  15. Hurricanes are getting more intensebut should we add a Category 6?
  16. 6 reasons to upgrade your iPhone right now
  17. You should not drink human blood. It will not keep you young.
  18. Apple updates Core NFC to allow NFC tags to be read without opening an app
  19. How to record a phone call
  20. Franck Marchis is connecting amateur astronomers to extraterrestrial researchers
  21. Conservation takes one scientist to the extreme
  22. Rambus gets Visa Ready certification for its ecommerce token gateway
  23. Mobile contactless payment volumes to rise by 30% a year to 2022
  24. How designers cope with ever-changing iPhone screens
  25. If you want personalized medicine well need to know what time it is in your liver
  26. The weirdest things we learned this week: Lady Liberty's big secret the ultimate exercise hack and a penis in a bottle
  27. Hurricane Florence is coming. Here's what you need to know.
  28. Charted: How hurricanes are becoming more extreme
  29. How to prepare for a hurricane that's about to hit
  30. How we found a beautiful new species of snailfish deep beneath the sea
  31. French football club to launch its own cryptocurrency
  32. Lets watch Apples iPhone X event live stream together
  33. Antidepressants might contribute to antibiotic resistance
  34. Sending wireless data 372 miles between two balloons takes really good aim
  35. The double-hinged door between astrophysics and the military
  36. Our street lighting doesnt need to be this bad
  37. A running list of hacks leaks and vulnerabilities that have recently given up your personal information
  38. Of course semi-automatic guns are deadlier. Heres why scientists took so long to say so.
  39. Skanska deploys mobile keys at new headquarters in Warsaw
  40. Xiaomi to ship $29 fitness tracker with support for Mi Pay NFC payments
  41. San Francisco transit operators to deploy NFC ticketing
  42. This new blood test can figure out what time it is inside your cells
  43. Hurricane Florence could stall out over the East Coast for days bringing intense flooding
  44. After 11 years NASA's asteroid-hopping spacecraft is running out of fuel
  45. Last week in tech: New iPhones inbound Twitter went to Congress and Google turned 20
  46. Survey: Merchants are winning the US mobile wallet adoption battle
  47. You're not as good at multitasking as you think
  48. I became a cyborg to manage my chronic pain
  49. Remember when a glass of wine a day was good for you? Here's why that changed.
  50. Cook meals in coffee makers dishwashers and other unexpected appliances
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