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  1. Shooting with Canon's impressive EOS R full-frame mirrorless camera
  2. Your computer's graphics card isn't just for gaming. Here's how to upgrade it.
  3. Megapixels: Watch Saturn's hexagonal clouds swirl
  4. Adding clean energy to the Sahara could make it rain (and not just figuratively)
  5. Hurricane Harvey's record-setting floodwaters were packed with pollution and disease
  6. Decades after a Nobel Prize snub Jocelyn Bell Burnell's just won $3 million for her work
  7. Decades after a Nobel Prize snub Jocelyn Bell Burnell's just won $3 million for her work
  8. Pennsylvania's 9/11 memorial is one of the first in the world to use sound as a tribute
  9. Five rad and random toys I found this week
  10. Certain weather makes you more likely to get a rattlesnake bite
  11. Heavy backpacks can hurt kidshere's how to send them back to school safely
  12. Tokyo Racecourse to replace betting slips with contactless cards and biometrics
  13. The CDC just released new concussion guidelines for kids. Heres what you need to know.
  14. Hurricane Florence could be heading for the East Coastbut shes a tough storm to track
  15. New iPhone X Samsung's foldable smart phone and the rest of the current tech rumors
  16. Bogs are beautiful swampy records of human history
  17. The devastating fire at Brazils National Museum illuminates a global problem
  18. Roombas new robotic vacuum remembers your home's layout for quicker cleaning
  19. Sweltering heat is exactly the right weather to get your flu shot
  20. What does it take for the CDC to quarantine a whole airplane?
  21. Heres what we had to say about Voyager 1 when it launched 41 years ago
  22. Fitness trackers turn health into a game that users rarely win
  23. The weirdest things we learned this week: deadly insomnia the prettiest poop and emergency beekeepers
  24. Jupiter's magnetic field has two 'south poles'
  25. Heres what we learned from todays Senate committee meetings on social media
  26. Six portable batteries for all kinds of power needs
  27. How to make the world's best paper airplane
  28. California is poised to go carbon-free by 2045
  29. Mathematicians finally found the perfect bubble blowing formula
  30. Marvels Spider-Man PS4 game twists physics to make web-swinging more fun
  31. Space debris or sabotage? Conflicting theories about the recent ISS leak
  32. Googles Chrome browser got a big facelift and new features for its 10th birthday
  33. The scoop on how mouse poop might get humans to Mars
  34. Moscow Credit Bank issues NFC payment rings
  35. Something called squeezed light is about to give us a closer look at cosmic goldmines
  36. Paris Metro begins NFC ticketing pilot
  37. Samsung Pay adds funds trading service in Korea
  38. Singapore Airlines adds boarding passes to Google Pay
  39. An inside look at a $2200 pair of custom headphones
  40. Last week in tech: A huge pile of new gadgets to close out the summer
  41. Tropical Storm Gordon could hit hurricane status before it next hits the U.S.
  42. When you should eat breakfastand when you can probably skip it
  43. Five tools for meticulous measurements
  44. Diesel launches touchscreen smartwatch with NFC payments and support for Alipay in China
  45. How to clean up your computer's embarrassingly messy desktop
  46. What are you worth?
  47. In-flight Wi-Fi is terriblehere's how to make it better
  48. Pushing syrup through a straw
  49. Appliances smartphones and 8K TVs: More of the best gadgets from IFA 2018
  50. Probiotics are drugs so we should test them like drugs
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