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  1. Cheese played a surprisingly important role in human evolution
  2. The backyard griddle is ready to challenge charcoal and gas grills
  3. How a kickball helped surgeons heal a fetus
  4. Don't like what Google says about you? You might be able to change it
  5. A new painkiller promises relief without addiction but there's still lots to do
  6. Mastercard comes under fire for sharing transaction data with Google
  7. Hurricane season has been quiet so far but the Atlantic is finally waking up
  8. University supercomputers are science's unsung heroes and Texas will get the fastest yet
  9. Meet STEVE and 7 other mysterious glowing things you'll find in the night sky
  10. Could you qualify to be a full-fledged astronaut?
  11. Your digital assistant may have tons of new features it didn't tell you about
  12. How a pair of wildlife rescuers ended up with a chubby pet squirrel named Thumbelina
  13. Trimble adds NFC to commercial driver tracking system
  14. Why you can smell raineven though it's odorless
  15. Samsung Pay adds support for discount vouchers in the UAE
  16. Yellowstone thrived after its 1988 fires but dry summers threaten all progress
  17. All the best new gadgets from the 2018 IFA consumer electronics show
  18. It's not your imagination humidity really is killing you
  19. The weirdest things we learned this week: baby skeleton art zombie presidents and solar-powered telegraphs
  20. Another AI winter could usher in a dark period for artificial intelligence
  21. Sexually transmitted diseases are at an all time high (again). But why?
  22. We trained crows to pick up garbage but can we teach ourselves?
  23. Guess which two countries account for a third of all gun deaths
  24. Skagen includes NFC payments in Falster 2 smartwatch
  25. Google adds bank loans to Google Pay in India
  26. A new type of neuron lurks in the human brain and we have no idea what it does
  27. Google says its search can't be biasedthat's not how search works
  28. This beautiful map of Earth's atmosphere shows a world on fire
  29. Before Jupiter got huge it had a pretty messed up childhood
  30. Comparing the limits of 'unlimited' smartphone data plans
  31. As summers get hotter death tolls will rise
  32. Why do we think tiny things are cute?
  33. Chinese banks report 73% growth in mobile payment transactions
  34. Your regular reminder that humans still waste way too much food
  35. Bugatti made its Divo supercar faster by slowing it down
  36. NASA is preparing for future space missions by exploring underwater volcanoes off Hawaii
  37. Coconut oil is the latest reminder that there's no such thing as a 'superfood'
  38. Last week in tech: Bad smartphone habits new DJI drones and Facebook bans
  39. Understanding glioblastoma the most commonand lethalform of brain cancer
  40. A year after Hurricane Harvey flawed flood risk maps are setting Texans up for another disaster
  41. Build a complete lightweight camping kit that fits in a backpack
  42. How to decode the secret language of birds
  43. E. coli doesn't just give you food poisoningit can also help you get essential nutrients
  44. How to manage your digital read-it-later listbefore it's too late
  45. How to recycle shoes crayons toothbrushes and other random stuff
  46. No longer a hurricane Lane continues to threaten Hawaii
  47. Inside Americas largest collection of stuffed endangered animals
  48. Nikon's long-awaited Z7 mirrorless camera is here and it's spectacular
  49. 32 kids' medicines are getting recalled. Here's what you need to know
  50. Shelters often mislabel dog breeds. But should we be labeling them at all?
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