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  1. 17 dog gifts to ring in National Dog Day
  2. Journey to the fantastical microbe realm hidden right on your face
  3. Moving is hard. Let these apps do the heavy lifting.
  4. Please stop freaking out about flesh-eating sexually transmitted infections
  5. What to do if you see fake news on Facebook
  6. Researchers found proof of Neanderthals reproducing with other species
  7. How to prepare for a hurricane barging in on your vacation
  8. 7 famous psych studies with troubling backstories
  9. The DJI Mavic 2 Pro and Zoom drones are covered in sensors and filled with AI to prevent crashes
  10. Back-to-school supplies that'll get your kids excited to hit the books
  11. What happens when a hurricane unleashes toxic chemicals? The EPA is putting off figuring it out.
  12. "Survival of the laziest" may help some species avoid extinction
  13. Alipay upgrades P2P payments security
  14. Manchester City equips soccer fans with NFC wristbands
  15. Kids aren't reading enough. One solution? Robots.
  16. A New MacBook Air Google Pixel 3 and the rest of the current tech rumors
  17. Hurricanes like Lane rarely hit Hawaii. Heres why.
  18. The weirdest things we learned this week: eating organs celebrating sweat and banning dogs
  19. How hospitals prepare for increasingly dangerous hurricane seasons
  20. ASMR videos are just beginning to whisper their anti-anxiety secrets to scientists
  21. Mouser Electronics
  22. Why bigger planes mean cramped quarters. A paradox.
  23. HPV tests can replace most Pap smears according to new recommendations
  24. Pernod Ricard unveils connected cocktail glass that uses NFC to place orders in bars
  25. The secret to universal donor blood might be churning in your gut
  26. AI could make MRI scans as much as 10 times faster
  27. Trump's EPA just released its version of the Clean Power Planand it's not very clean
  28. Sorry hot yoga fans. Sweating doesn't cleanse your body.
  29. Why it's really important for your bra to fit (and how to finally make it happen)
  30. Samsung Pay reports 1.3bn transactions since launch
  31. Apple files NFC passport patent application
  32. Fitbit includes NFC payments in special edition Charge 3 fitness trackers
  33. Last week in tech: Robot murder Google tracking and Netflix ads
  34. Charles Darwins theory of evolution owes more to his garden than the Galápagos
  35. Michael Kors releases Runway smartwatch with NFC payments
  36. Kilchoman to add NFC tags to whisky bottle labels
  37. Sainsburys lets UK supermarket shoppers check out from their mobile phones
  38. Amex tests wearable payments at the US Open
  39. Samsung includes NFC payments in new Galaxy Watch
  40. How to sit ergonomicallywithout expensive equipment
  41. Japanese bank to roll out payment cards with built-in display and keypad
  42. General Motors lets Buick drivers pay for fuel from their dashboard
  43. Three in ten iPhone owners now use Apple Pay
  44. How to binge-watch with friendseven when youre miles apart
  45. How to remove stains from red wine blood coffee grease ink and more
  46. A massive murky void in space has surprisingly few galaxies
  47. Let this AI bot turn your words into vaguely-recognizable pictures
  48. How worried should we be that glyphosate was found in our Cheerios?
  49. K2's deadly mystery: Nobody knows whats actually in synthetic marijuana
  50. Humans have a hard time 'killing' robots especially when they beg for their lives
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