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  1. Humans have a hard time 'killing' robots especially when they beg for their lives
  2. What its like to photograph Earth from space
  3. Five rad and random things I found this week
  4. How the sunflower transformed from a garden novelty to a mighty beast
  5. How to make retro video games look good on your modern TV
  6. Freaking out about heavy metals in your food? Here's what you should know
  7. 'Zombie gene' could be why so few elephants die of cancer
  8. The best rain jackets to wear when it's hot out
  9. When rain is just as dangerous as drought
  10. Microbiologists are testing blood-sensing pills in pigs' bellies
  11. #TBT to 1947: Introducing the Polaroid Camera
  12. Trees are migrating west to escape climate change
  13. 10 tips for making LinkedIn useful even if you already have a job
  14. Measles cases aren't spiking despite talk of an outbreak
  15. New fracking wells are using hundreds of times more water than their predecessors
  16. The exhilarating history of roller coaster photography
  17. This giant exoplanet's atmosphere teems with glowing hot atoms of titanium and iron
  18. The weirdest things we learned this week: bone flutes zebra carriages and laughing gas parties
  19. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is a great gaming phone that won't make you better at Fortnite
  20. What you should know about Florida's awful algae problem
  21. Gifts for your friend who needs to chill out
  22. What you can do to prevent Googleand othersfrom tracking your phone
  23. Future Vision: A Sneak-peek Into Machine Learning
  24. Deadly collapse in Italy turns spotlight onto aging bridges around the world
  25. Future Vision: A Sneak-peek Into Machine Learning
  26. Bananas: your cousin maybe?
  27. Air traffic controller training makes emergencies seem ordinary
  28. The best gear for going back to school
  29. Can food have negative calories?
  30. The best photos from the 2018 Perseids meteor shower
  31. Kikuichi Cutlery went from Samurai swords to kitchen knives
  32. Most of your sodium isn't coming from your salt shaker
  33. We may finally know why marijuana helps people with chronic gut problems
  34. How to get the best possible gas mileage
  35. NASAs sun-kissing spacecraft will go 250 times faster than a bullet when it hits its stride
  36. Wearables can track your UV exposure but preventing skin cancer isnt so simple
  37. Last Week in Tech: Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Super Smash Bros. and Jeopardy! is finally streaming
  38. Federal judges finally just order the EPA to ban a dangerous pesticide
  39. 16 smartphone apps for (nearly) any emergency
  40. Rising temperatures are causing soil to dump more carbon dioxide into the air
  41. Six pest-removal myths that need to be exterminated
  42. 12 tips for organizing your work space
  43. Even when developing countries receive global aid teens miss out
  44. Screens are killing your eyeballs and now we know how
  45. Five rad and random things I found this week
  46. Professional designers explain why the Space Force logos are no good
  47. A car-sized spacecraft will blast off towards the sun on Saturday morning
  48. How to prevent distracting gadgets from ruining your vacation
  49. How to stretch for any type of workout
  50. New York Citys year-long ban on new Uber and Lyft vehicles divides the city
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