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  1. 18 water-themed books to dive into this month
  2. For young football players too much water can be just as bad as not enough
  3. Shooting portraits on photo paper is a mixture of chemistry and a dying art
  4. The latest climate assessment isn't surprising but it still sucks
  5. What we know about the new head of the Office of Science and Technology Policy
  6. Here's how to declare email bankruptcy
  7. Please do not try to survive on an all-meat diet
  8. NFC workforce and asset management platform provider Ginstr joins the NFC World Partner Program
  9. These sandals replace petroleum with sugarcane. How smug can I be about wearing them?
  10. Plastic junk spews greenhouse gases just like cows and cars
  11. Earth Overshoot Day came early this year. Thats a bad thing.
  12. The weirdest things we learned this week: art made from human skin solving a 17th-century thought experiment and detachable sex organs
  13. Scientists are putting the X factor back in X-rays
  14. The ozone hole is both an environmental success story and an enduring global threat
  15. Did scientists discover a new shape? Well first we have to define shape. Also new.
  16. German savings banks roll out NFC mobile payments to 45m debit card holders
  17. Apple Pay to launch in Germany later this year
  18. Ancient space crystals may prove the sun threw heated tantrums as a tot
  19. Here's how 3D printing is changing photography
  20. Why are some athletes able to compete into their 40s?
  21. Wild horses responded to climate change the same way woolly mammoths did
  22. The Sonos Beam is a great soundbar but not yet an awesome listener
  23. 8 books to read on your beach vacation
  24. These windows could keep the sun out while powering your house
  25. Koreas central bank to build bank account-based mobile payments settlement system
  26. Scottish railway operator pilots HCE for mobile ticketing
  27. EZ-Link turns loose change into transit card top-ups
  28. Two people got rat lungworm from eating raw centipedes. Could you be next?
  29. How jumping genes hijack their way into the next generation of babies
  30. This tiny Google product could help secure your accounts
  31. Mars is missing a lot of this crucial terraforming ingredient
  32. Only 13 percent of the worlds oceans are still wild
  33. Last week in tech: A dead robot Tesla's surfboard and social media meltdowns galore
  34. Cell phone batteries are destined to die and we have physics to blame
  35. How to ditch your Android for an iPhoneand take your files with you
  36. TransLink reports fast uptake of contactless payments on Vancouver transit system
  37. Samsung Pay to go live in South Africa
  38. The fate of future endangered species could hinge on a semantic argument
  39. SoftBank to enter Japanese mobile payments market with Paytm technology and three years free processing offer
  40. Chase Pay links up with Samsung Pay to let cardholders pay with NFC and MST
  41. It's time to clean the grimy filters you've been avoiding
  42. How to make sure no one is spying on your computer
  43. A veterinarian explains what dog and cat years really mean
  44. A look back at hyped gadgets that never came to market
  45. PopSci Kids team up with the Teen Titans to learn all about lasers
  46. Forget the Blood Moon the Red Planet is waiting for you tonight
  47. The first underwater film was lost for decadesuntil now
  48. The stiletto heel is the embodiment of post-war material science
  49. Five rad and random foot things I found this week
  50. These are the best bird photographs of 2018
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