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  1. Geologists think there could be a quadrillion tons of diamonds inside our planet
  2. China's super-sized space plans may involve help from Russia
  3. Why this algebra teacher has her students knit in class
  4. Sleep trackers probably wont help you sleep any better
  5. A realistic guide to the current crop of tech rumors
  6. Rising sea levels are going to mess with the internet sooner than you think
  7. Shoppers prefer Apple Pay over Walmart Pay
  8. Cool your home without air conditioning
  9. 'Glider trucks' are pollution machines but they might roll past EPA regulations
  10. The tanning bed in your gym is worrying dermatologists
  11. Why websites still break at the worst possible times
  12. The weirdest things we learned this week: artistic farts meat lozenges and Tesla's beloved pigeon
  13. Old footage of sports events can help scientists track climate change
  14. The complicated century-long relationship between swimming pools and chlorine
  15. Supercharged blood helps some dolphins dive 1000 meters
  16. Adobe Photoshop is coming to iPad Pro
  17. Your first memory probably isn't yours no matter how real it seems
  18. Manhattan skyscraper secures fire safety system with tamper-evident NFC tags
  19. The timing of your dinner could affect your overall cancer risk
  20. The winding heated and absurdly technical oral history of the ginger emoji
  21. Jupiter has 10 newly-discovered moons and one is a weirdo
  22. China launched two more massive Type 055 warships
  23. Human cancers aren't contagious but dogs and other animals aren't so lucky
  24. The case for full-fat yogurt
  25. Amex files blockchain proof of payment patent
  26. Nordic banks to build new payments infrastructure for instant cross-border payments
  27. Google to boost Google Pay adoption with transfer option for cards saved in Chrome
  28. These tiny tree shrews can handle hotter peppers than you
  29. Do you really need to properly eject a USB drive before yanking it out?
  30. DJI drones are now $300 off
  31. Burnt bread shows that our ancestors were baking 4000 years before agriculture
  32. Last week in tech: Prime Day updated MacBook Pros and a new Fortnite season
  33. Scientists learn to repair human bones by studying coral reefs
  34. There is good health and fitness advice on the webhere's how to find it
  35. Reader offer: Get a free POS terminal in a box dev kit from STMicroelectronics
  36. All the best deals this Amazon Prime Day
  37. Central bank tightens rules on accepting cards and cash in Chinese stores
  38. Eight million merchants now accept Paytm QR payments in stores
  39. Meet the folks designing the future of mouse mazes
  40. Facebook patent sets out how AIs could accept Messenger payments
  41. The only sunburn remedies that actually work
  42. Don't try to fix your frayed cableprevent the damage in the first place
  43. Can we really ever know if animals are happy?
  44. Nikons new 125x zoom camera has a lens that would be impossible on a DSLR
  45. Turning water into oxygen in zero gravity could mean easier trips to Mars
  46. To combat extreme heat cover your roof in hungry sweaty plants
  47. How to leave the sand behind on your next beach trip
  48. Ancient hunter-gatherers didnt all eat paleo
  49. Uber to let customers use Venmo to share costs with friends
  50. Seoul moves forward with plans for its own S-Pay payments system
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