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  1. Scott Pruitt just resigned as EPA administrator
  2. New tech could soon let you test whether your lettuce carries E. coli
  3. CES 2018: Checking in on new tech six months later
  4. Meteorologists just found the coldest natural temperatures on the planet
  5. What to bring on your next beach trip
  6. The science of superstition
  7. So you bought a smart TV. Now you need these apps.
  8. Survey finds money saving product recommendations will drive adoption of open banking
  9. Contactless cards accounted for over half the 2.3bn payment chip cards shipped in 2017
  10. Gaming hardware maker Razer moves into mobile payments market
  11. 2018 has been full of weird weather so far
  12. Apple Pay signs up 200K in Poland in first two weeks?
  13. We love fireworks because they scare us
  14. How to photograph fireworks
  15. Milans transit operator rolls out contactless and mobile payments across the metro network
  16. Earth's first animals probably triggered a change in climate
  17. Meet China's growing fleet of automated delivery drones
  18. Seven-figure win for Double Helix
  19. Wildfires are burning across the countryhere's how to prepare
  20. Descended testicles: DNA study drops new hints on secrets of low hanging glands
  21. Thermacell's Radius Zone mosquito repellent keeps your blood inside your body
  22. This is Jaguar's first real attempt to take on Tesla
  23. Climate change forced a famously old-school museum to go digital
  24. Three hundred German savings banks to roll out their own NFC mobile payments app at the end of July
  25. Another giant study confirms that your coffee habit is probably good for you
  26. Can I have the cake and eat it too?
  27. Tales from a traveling interpreter
  28. Mobile-forward design Principles for maximizing return on language investment
  29. Koala genes might reveal how they survive a toxic diet
  30. 200000 asteroids trace their origins to just a handful of obliterated parents
  31. Why suicide is on the rise in the USeven as it falls in Europe
  32. Last week in tech: Google's AI gets chatty and Nerf has new laser tag blasters
  33. Beauty vitamins promise shinier hair stronger nails and suppler skin but do they work?
  34. The complete guide to Bluetooth headphone terms
  35. Exclusive first look: Nerfs AR-Powered Laser Ops Pro blasters
  36. Piraeus Bank picks Antelop as its mobile payments provider
  37. Is an artificial tan safer than the real thing?
  38. Football fans use contactless for one in two transactions at World Cup stadiums
  39. 27 tricks to level up your video gaming
  40. How to find your way out of the woods without toolsor your phone
  41. The potential for habitability on these exoplanets is tilting in the right direction
  42. This self-driving grocery delivery car will sacrifice itself to save pedestrians
  43. How to tell an asteroid from a comet even when its from outside our solar system
  44. Can your smartphone stop you from getting hit by a car?
  45. Two-by-fours are not actually 2-by-4heres why
  46. Five rad and random games to play this Fourth of July
  47. Adidas includes NFC chip in official match ball for knockout stage of 2018 Fifa World Cup
  48. Heres some rare good news about coral reefs
  49. Power-multiplying exoskeletons are slimming down for use on the battlefield
  50. Our first contact with aliens might be with their robots
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