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  1. HID Global supplies RFID tickets to 2018 World Cup
  2. 'Waterproof' can have many meanings when it comes to gadgets
  3. How we discovered three poisonous books in our university library
  4. JPMorgan Chase to reward mobile-only bank account customers for using key features
  5. PayPal adds support for local payments services
  6. New Bank of England settlement system to support private payment systems
  7. These apps give you the best features of iOS 12 before the update rolls out
  8. Scientists combine gas sensors and NFC tags to deliver rotten food warnings to consumers
  9. Labeling GMOs might not actually make them seem scarier
  10. Lego blocks could be the key to detecting nerve gases in the field
  11. You say you hate Instagram's changes but your eyeballs say otherwise
  12. One of the best pocket cameras just got better
  13. Blame loose screws and excessive optimism for the latest delay of NASAs new space telescope
  14. The weirdest things we learned this week: scientists doing sex magick ancient mac and cheese and contagious writer's block
  15. We're really bad at making babies
  16. Run don't walk to see New York City's latest corpse flower bloom
  17. A realistic guide to the current crop of tech rumors
  18. A Japanese spacecraft is zooming towards an asteroid shaped like a gemstone
  19. Social media's political role got its start in the Middle East
  20. Lomography is funding a Polaroid-style camera with interchangeable lenses and flash
  21. ST launches Type 5 NFC tag chips with tamper detection and privacy features
  22. We havent been giving Neanderthals enough credit
  23. mPOS terminals to account for one in four POS transactions
  24. Canadian banks and carriers to roll out digital ID platform
  25. Lifecell offers free data to mobile payments users
  26. Survey finds British shoppers are ready to take advantage of voice commerce
  27. Meet the designer who wants to make fruit labels out of soap and save the world from swizzle sticks
  28. CRISPR could use gold nanoparticles to edit your brain
  29. The White House is calling for Space Traffic Control
  30. Last week in tech: Movies in the theater TV on our phones
  31. Why it would have been impossible for a T. rex to stick out its tongue
  32. Fossil to add NFC payments to multiple smartwatch brands?
  33. Thinking about aliens could help us beat climate change
  34. SPA white paper examines the potential of bank cards with built-in biometric sensors
  35. Citi to let customers check their bank account from within Facebook Messenger
  36. Yes you can stop snoring. Here's how.
  37. BBVA tests face recognition payments
  38. Indian mobile payments firms raised US$1.5bn in funding in 2017
  39. Trying to figure out where you fit on the sexuality spectrum? Dabbling in these tests might help.
  40. How to troubleshoot a crashing app
  41. Childhood trauma can change the way your genes behave and leave you more vulnerable to illness
  42. It's surprisingly hard to tell if someone's drowning so we made you a guide
  43. Connections between Alzheimers Disease and viruses are building but stop freaking out about herpes
  44. The discount airline model is coming to rocket launches
  45. We might have started kissing to share chewed up food (and other delicious facts about smooching)
  46. Finding Qianlong III: China's New UnderWater Drones
  47. Five rad and random playing cards I found this week
  48. National Bank of Canada lets merchants accept contactless payments on their Samsung smartphones
  49. Our love of palm oil is destroying forests. Here's how to use less of it.
  50. Google explains how its BiometrcPrompt API will work
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