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  1. Weather got you down? The entire planet of Mars is buried in a dust storm right now.
  2. Koko the beloved gorilla who communicated through sign-language dies at age 46
  3. This new system could help air taxis and drone deliveries avoid crashing
  4. Massive atmospheric wave on Venus could explain the planet's weird rotation
  5. Instagram TV is pulling us ever closer to a future full of tall videos
  6. Why our brains see the world as us versus themand what to do about it
  7. UnionPay promotes mobile payments adoption with discounts at merchants around the world
  8. Dubais Atlantis resort installs blockchain-based payments system for guests
  9. Car manufacturers back NFC for digital keys
  10. What is 'trancing' and why does it make my dog act so weird around plants?
  11. In Memoriam: James Harrington
  12. Your efforts to save water are actually making a difference
  13. Our brains can't quit our gadgetsthat didn't happen by accident
  14. Your risk of cancer likely increases with each additional drink of alcohol
  15. The proposed Space Force isnt the first time the United States has tried to militarize space
  16. The best vacuums for any kind of mess
  17. The weirdest things we learned this week: biblical rhabdo corpse adventures and socks from the worlds loneliest island
  18. Everything you think you know about bald eagles is wrong
  19. Facebook is working on AI tools to fix photos ruined by blinking
  20. Carbon dioxide injections might seem better than liposuctionbut there's a catch
  21. If you're scared of artificial intelligence you should know it's already everywhere
  22. Meet the yogis who hang out in cadaver labs
  23. Beijing metro looks to biometrics to speed up payments at turnstiles
  24. Bankwest wins new customers with NFC payments ring
  25. Bankwest wins new customers with NFC payments ring
  26. Paytm integrates games TV sports and news into its mobile wallet app
  27. Spanish banks to build blockchain customer identity verification platform
  28. Apple Pay goes live in Poland with the support of eight banks
  29. How I reconstruct the faces of early human ancestors
  30. The World Health Organization now recognizes video game addiction
  31. Why your brain loves mac and cheese more than macaroni or cheese alone
  32. How to improve your posture
  33. EBA issues opinion on strong customer authentication requirements under PSD2
  34. Eurosmart reports rise in smartphones with embedded secure elements
  35. The weirdest things we learned this week: underwater horse videos the call of the void and an ill-fated icy balloon trip
  36. Ant Financial to pivot away from Alipay?
  37. Hong Kong metro to add QR codes to turnstiles
  38. A nutritionists guide to eating junk food
  39. McDonalds to roll out self-service kiosks across the US
  40. You are disgusting in so many ways. Scientists just outlined six of them.
  41. What you need to know about your browser's digital fingerprints
  42. NASA is sending a spacecraft to investigate the bubble that protects our solar system
  43. It's easier to convey anger in your second language
  44. Last week in tech: iOS 12 Screentime and everything else Apple announced at WWDC 2018
  45. These U.S. Air Force pilots are ready for hurricane hunting season
  46. Mastercard to build open banking connectivity hub
  47. Visa targets open banking with $100m investment fund
  48. What is keto flu and how can I make it stop?
  49. SocGen lets customers open a bank account on their mobile phone
  50. Nordic banks announce KYC joint venture plans
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