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  1. Mouser Electronics Now Shipping Mean Well PWM Output LED Drivers
  2. Mouser Electronics and ilumi Solutions Sign Global Distribution Agreement
  3. Texas Instruments MSP430FR2000/MSP430FR21xx Mixed-Signal MCUs
  4. Digilent’s Zybo Z7 Dev Boards, Now at Mouser, Deliver Arm/FPGA Capabilities in an Entry-Level Platform
  5. ROHM Semiconductor DC Brushless Pre-Drivers and Motor Drivers
  6. Analog Devices ADP7183/ADP7185 Linear Regulators
  7. Mouser and Olmatic Announce Global Distribution Agreement
  8. MikroElektronika mikroLAB for mikromedia Kits
  9. Maxim Integrated MAX77950 WPC/PMA Dual-Mode Wireless Power Receiver Now at Mouser Electronics
  10. Analog Devices EVAL-CN0390-EB1Z Circuit Evaluation Board
  11. Maxim Integrated MAX20734 Highly Efficient Switching Regulator
  12. Video – STMicroelectronics VL53L0X Time-of-Flight Ranging Sensor
  13. Panasonic MC Series eMMC Storage Media
  14. Intersil ISL8215M DC-DC Step-Down Power Module
  15. Panasonic’s PAN1026A Bluetooth 4.2 Module Simplifies Integration in Current Designs
  16. Bench Talk – Intel Compute Card – Poised to (Re)Revolutionize Portable Computing
  17. Texas Instruments UCC27712 High-Side Low-Side Gate Driver
  18. Microchip’s PAC1934 Power Monitor, Now Shipping from Mouser, Delivers Increased Measurement Accuracy
  19. Mouser Now Stocking Seeed Grove Zero Kit, Designed to Jump-Start STEM Education
  20. Mouser Electronics Signs Global Agreement with Helium to Distribute IoT Hardware Solutions
  21. Molex 505xx Micro-Lock Plus Connectors
  22. Welwyn / TT Electronics RC55 Series Precision Metal Film Resistors
  23. Littelfuse LSIC1MO120E0080 Series SiC MOSFET
  24. Mouser Electronics Launches Free Inventory Management App
  25. Mouser Electronics Signs Global Distribution Deal with Sfera Labs
  26. Cypress PSoC 6 BLE Pioneer Kit, Now at Mouser, Brings Low-Power, Flexible MCU to IoT Designs
  27. Mouser Now Stocking Molex Transcend Smart LED Drivers for Network-Connected Lighting
  28. Maxim Integrated MAX16140 Single-Channel Supervisory IC
  29. Magic Wand Project For Halloween Delights
  30. Texas Instruments TPS543B20 Step-Down SWIFT Converter
  31. Bourns 5.0SMDJ 5KW TVS Diodes
  32. Bench Talk – Selling the Singularity
  33. Microchip EVB-KSZ9897 Evaluation Board
  34. Melexis MLX75x23 Image Sensors
  35. EPCOS AEC-Q200 PTC Thermistors
  37. Mouser Electronics Signs Agreement with Pycom to Distribute IoT Modules and Dev Boards
  38. STMicroelectronics L20G20IS Two-Axis MEMS Gyroscope
  39. Silicon Labs Si5332 6/8/12-Output Any-Frequency Clock Generators
  40. Mouser-Backed Vaillante Rebellion Car Victorious at Fuji
  41. Mouser Now Shipping the Maxim MAX77734 PMIC for Hearables
  42. Mouser Electronics and Grant Imahara to Attend Arm TechCon 2017
  43. Maxim Integrated MAX77756 24V Buck Regulator
  44. MacroFab Meetup – Wide Band Gap vs SiC – New Measurement Challenges
  45. Mouser Electronics and Auvidea Sign Global Distribution Agreement
  46. Build People-Detection IoT Prototypes with Panasonic’s Grid-EYE Eval Kit, Now at Mouser
  47. Video – Microchip PIC32MX470 Curiosity Development Board
  48. Bel Power Solutions ABC and MBC Series Low-Power Open-Frame Power Supplies
  49. Now at Mouser: Cypress WICED CYW43907 Evaluation Kit for 802.11a/b/g/n Dual-Band Wi-Fi Designs
  50. Digilent DMC 60 Electronic Speed Controller
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