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  1. First Palestinian explosive balloons reach Jerusalem
  2. First Steps toward US Recognizing Israeli Sovereignty for Golan
  3. Why Netanyahu Backtracked on Engaging Iran in Syria and Turned to Gaza
  4. First Russian officers visit Tal al-Harra overlooking Quneitra
  5. Quneitra falls to Syrian army. Damascus: 1974 accord permits Syrian air flights over Israel’s Golan border
  6. Syrian rebels holding Quneitra surrender to Syrian army
  7. A flaming balloon from Gaza lands in kindergarten yard
  8. Russian woman accused of conspiracy to influence US politics
  9. Netanyahu’s secret consent to hand Golan crossing to Syria led to Trump-Putin deal on Israel’s border security
  10. Trump and Putin agree on keeping Israel safe – not much else
  11. Rocket alert at Hof Ashkelon, 2nd Iron Dome in Tel Aviv
  12. IDF strikes 2 Hamas posts linked to kite/balloon attacks
  13. Netanyahu on first visit to Sderot faces critics
  14. First full Trump-Putin summit allotted 3 hours
  15. IDF deploys Iron Domes in Greater Tel Aviv, more batteries in South
  16. Four rockets fired from Gaza after unilateral Hamas-Jihad truce
  17. Israel announces nationwide military drills amid war preparedness on northern and Gaza fronts
  18. IDF announces nationwide drills this week
  19. First Hamas rockets hit Ashkelon. Three slightly hurt in Sderot synagogue
  20. Israel & Hamas escalate duel – 45 air strikes over Gaza, 80 rockets vs Israel
  21. Massive Syrian-Hizballah Golan war preparations tie IDF down from reining in Gaza terror
  22. East Syria air strike killing 54 “may be” down to US-led coalition
  23. White House says Helsinki summit “is on” after Russian hackers indicted
  24. Hamas shoots 31 rockets. IDF ready for “diverse scenarios”
  25. Hamas fires 17 rockets overnight after Israeli air strikes in Gaza
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