How Safe and Compliant is Your Board Portal?

The board software solution is designed to optimize the preparation of board meetings in the online format. Thanks to its security mechanisms it can be flexibly adapted to the needs of the business and today it is successfully used both by representatives of government agencies and private businesses.

What is the board portal?

Sooner or later, almost every company begins to think about organizing its own intranet portal – the only “entry point” to the IT infrastructure for its employees. This portal provides convenient access to a centralized repository of all useful information related to the company’s operations.

Board portals are dedicated to conducting an online meeting of collegial bodies. Such business events are professional, industry events held with the aim of forming and strengthening a business image, raising the status, fame, and recognition in the business environment (companies, persons), establishing contacts, entering new markets, increasing sales, presenting goods, and services. So, great volumes of sensitive data are processed during such meetings. In order to make access to them more convenient and secure Board software is used. The software offers the storage and management of internal company data on the customer’s own servers.

Basic tools of the board software

In addition to the standard process of preparing and holding meetings (forming an agenda, voting on it, forming a protocol and instructions), the board portal implements tools for comfortable work:

  • Chat for the participants of the meeting on the agenda items.
  • Drawing up by the system of analytical reports on the activities of collegial bodies;
  • Document library for storing corporate or regulatory documents in order to provide participants of collegial bodies with constant access to the library from their devices.
  • Sending notifications to the participants about the appointment of the meeting, about changes in the agenda or basic information of the meeting, about the beginning, the imminent completion of the reception of votes, and other events.
  • Interaction with video conferencing systems for remote meetings.
  • The use of an enhanced qualified electronic signature for legally significant voting (especially important when holding a meeting in a remote form).
  • The ability to work with agenda materials both online and offline, which is especially important for managers who are often on business trips or business trips – you can even work with the agenda of an upcoming meeting on the plane.

How secure is the board portal for organizing online meetings?

Document security is a growing concern for many companies. This aspect plays an important role in the decision to switch to a board portal. Unfortunately, paper is not secure: —Āonfidential items can easily end up with the wrong recipient via email or post. In addition, there can never be any guarantee that the recipient will save or keep the documents securely. Since the information is extremely sensitive, the method of communication must also have an appropriate level of security. When a corporate secretariat sends financial reports or strategy documents, they must be encrypted, both when they are sent, when they are received, and at every stage in between.

A board portal is a secure and effective tool that enables executives, corporate secretariats, and other business people to share information and collaborate. Of course, deleting executive board documents on paper also leads to cost savings, not only in the cost of the paper itself but also in the cost of printing, binding, and delivering the documents. With a board portal, the individual committees of the board of directors can make the various reports and minutes of meetings available online.