OnBoard Board Management Review

The introduction of electronic board management software in an organization of online board meetings brings it to a new level of management and gives a significant economic effect. This article is a review of the OnBoard solution.

Make your business more effective with the OnBoard solution

The main purpose of the OnBoard software is to automate the processes of preparing materials and holding meetings and meetings, as well as creating an archive of meetings with differentiated access to it. The system can be successfully used to support the activities of various collegial bodies of enterprises and organizations: boards of directors, boards, committees, commissions, working groups, etc., as well as public authorities

The main goal of the OnBoard portal implementation is to create a technology that provides for all committees and commissions:

  • preparation of materials for meetings;
  • formation of the agenda;
  • support of the process of holding the meeting in person and in absentia;
  • information support for meetings;
  • formation of minutes and extracts of meetings in electronic form;
  • approval of draft documents in electronic form;
  • voting module;
  • the ability to integrate with various external systems (electronic document management system, corporate directories, etc.).

An important feature of the software is the ability to hold meetings in person or by polling (“in working order”). The meeting participants can work remotely using telecommunication channels. Full work with meeting materials and participation in meetings is possible using a special mobile application from a portable tablet computer running iOS/Android.

OnBoard software advantages

This board portal solution has the following advantages:

  • Secure authorization

Access to the system is carried out through a secure communication channel (VPN), which completely excludes external threats and interference, then authorization takes place using a login and password, as well as the connection of an electronic digital signature, since legislation provides for remote identification of a person only using an EDS/CEP.

  • Document flow

The ability to load and unload any documents, scan and recognize texts, make edits and comments with fixing the time and author of the edits. Use of contextual search, including search by case and synonyms.

  • Voting from anywhere

 Full control of voting is ensured, since the participant cannot use someone else’s digital signature, and the moment of making decisions is recorded in the photo. You do not need to be present in the conference room to vote in person. You can participate from anywhere with access to the Internet, and from any device. Even while on a business trip, on self-isolation, at a meeting, it is enough just to go to the “Video meeting”, log in, and take part in the voting.

  • Data protection

The architecture of the solution is completely fault-tolerant and protected from external interference, and each element of the solution received an expert opinion from the State Special Communications Service on the criteria for technical protection of information with the level of guarantees G-2 and G-3. These levels of security confirm the complete controllability and controllability of the development, delivery, and maintenance of software, excluding the possibility of accidental or deliberate leakage, unauthorized collection, and transmission of data to third parties.

  • Ease of use

Despite the wide range of tools and functions “Video meeting” is available and convenient for users, its interface is simple and does not require special training, and for voting, access to the Internet and a webcam are enough. The client can independently customize the solution for himself and select all the necessary options.