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  1. Jetson Nano: Vision Recognition Neural Network Demo
  2. Stereo Vision Using Computing Architecture Inspired by the Brain
  3. Fully automated Chinese restaurant is the eatery of the future, threatens world’
  4. AI security cameras coming to stores in Japan, reduce shoplifting by 40 percent
  5. La metropolitana di Pechino si prepara a riconoscere i volti dei passeggeri
  6. How To Implement Object Recognition on Live Stream
  7. L'intelligenza artificiale che impara a prendere scorciatoie
  8. AstroML: data mining and machine learning for Astronomy
  9. Machine Learning and Image Analysis for Astronomy
  10. Computer Vision for Medical Imaging
  11. Computer vision e diagnosi medica basata su analisi facciale
  12. Computer vision and medical image analysis
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