What Are Minutes of a Board Meeting?

To understand the specifics of the protocol, it is important to know what it is for in the activities of the organization, what is its essence and significance for the company. This article will reveal these aspects.

The purpose of the board meeting minutes

Minutes are an integral part of any board meeting. The document helps to track the implementation process of all decisions that were made at the general meeting. In addition, he takes into account all the important information, forgetting about which, you can refer to this document. Most often, in organizations, the company secretary is responsible for keeping the minutes. He must know the logging system to maximize the effectiveness of the event. Among other things, the meeting uses prepared documents, reports, agendas, lists of participants, texts with reports, etc. The protocol created at the event itself is a draft. After the meeting, the draft is edited, drawn up and after three days a finished processed document appears.

Generally speaking, the minutes are a short document that reflects the whole essence of the meeting. Whether the decisions made during the discussion will have legal force or not depends on the clarity and correctness of the document. Therefore, it is important to take a responsible approach to the logging system, to its design, taking into account all the nuances when writing a document. With a large number of participants in the meeting, it is impossible to do without the minutes. In such a situation, someone could likely listen to the solution of individual tasks, forget about the specific deadlines for its completion, or not hear the names of those responsible.  It follows that the creation of minutes of the meeting helps a large group of people to navigate through the process of the entire hearing and to clarify the outcome of the event. Only in this case, the head of the company can be confident that all the employees who participated in the meeting have the necessary and common understanding of the future activities of the company.

Board meeting minutes procedure

The basis of the minute`s procedure includes an indication of all the issues that are raised and resolved during the meeting.

The core elements of every minute include:

  • Heading
  • Chairman and secretary
  • Attending participants
  • Agenda
  • Design of the main part
  • Signatures

The main part of the protocol is the question that is discussed in the circle of participants, but before that, the number of questions must be indicated. Further, the content of this issue and the decisions made during the discussion are noted. It is important that after the indicated number of the question followed by the question itself begins with the preposition “About”. The name of the question must be printed in the center of the page and must be underlined with a line. The names of employees who participated in the discussion of this issue should be indicated below the line. Then you should name the decision that was made. If necessary, it is recommended that copies be made and sent to organizations and officials who attended the meeting. It should be noted that the mailing list is compiled by the executive of the department that led the preparation of the question. The procedure for writing the protocol and its correct execution guarantees the legal force of decisions taken collectively.

All the specifics and principles of registration are determined by the requirements of the current legislation or a specific management situation.