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  1. Infrared drone camera is sensitive to hidden objects
  2. Alexa voice coming to light switches through AWS cloud
  3. Intel-backed Perrone Robotics builds AVs without AI or cloud
  4. Western Digital sees mega storage needs for AVs
  5. Nvidia’s Clara to help hospitals with radiology AI at the edge
  6. 2019 to end a tad better for desktops, laptops and tablets, IDC says
  7. Smart city tech to grow 18% a year for a decade, study says
  8. Wearable sweat sensor looks for gout
  9. Sensors to track medical supply delivery for UPS: Report
  10. Siemens, Qualcomm showcase private 5G net for industrial apps
  11. Wireless sensor market to reach $1.5 billion by 2022: report
  12. Analog Devices earnings down from year-ago quarter
  13. China to push global 5G smartphone growth 1.5% in 2020, IDC says
  14. Inspur system uses Intel Xeon Platinum 9200 series processors
  15. RISC-V moves to neutral Switzerland over trade disruption
  16. DSP enables 400G pluggables for cloud, telco users
  17. Report: Uber denied license to continue operating in London
  18. AMD Threadripper to hit in 2020 with 64 cores for high-end desktops
  19. Thermal imaging, wearable sensors measure office stress
  20. Study: Electric vehicle recycled battery market to grow
  21. 'Venus flytrap' bio-sensors capture pollutants
  22. Intel chip delay apology not a reason for alarm, analyst says
  23. IIoT deployments only half successful: study
  24. Smart Cities Initiative tests sensors in emergency exercise
  25. Tactile sensor could enable soft robot skins
  26. Cree banks on SiC to capture vehicle market
  27. New Mustang Mach-E paces Tesla Y in electric vehicle race
  28. Intel apologizes for PC chip shipment delays in open letter
  29. 5G vulnerable? Analyst says not to worry
  30. Medical camera module achieves fast frame rate at highest resolution
  31. Li-ion battery components to be printed on an inkjet printer
  32. Renesas announces chip for industrial networking of sensors
  33. Perception software runs inside autonomous vehicle sensor
  34. IoT sensor platform meets enterprise needs
  35. AMD launches PC workstation card on 7nm, useful for VR designs
  36. Light-sensing camera could help detect extraterrestrial life
  37. STMicroelectronics doubles SiC wafer purchases from Cree
  38. Air Force to test SWIR sensors that see through smoke, haze
  39. Cerebras CS-1 AI computer deployed by Argonne National Laboratory
  40. Pressure sensors could mean end to smartphone buttons
  41. Xbox sensors monitor foot traffic at CMU
  42. Nvidia GPUs and Arm processors marry in new server reference design
  43. Medical sensors market to reach $6.21 billion by 2023: report
  44. Toilet analyzes urine to monitor health
  45. Intel unveils exascale Ponte Vecchio GPU, part of Aurora
  46. Report: Apple will quickly dominate 5G smartphone market
  47. Cree, ABB partner on SiC for high-power apps
  48. Moon-seeking sensor helps earth sensors
  49. Groq TSP blows away single chip record at 1 PetaOp/s
  50. Wireless oxygen sensor inspired by researcher’s sick baby
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