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  1. Flowmeter And Switch Has No Moving Parts
  2. Prototype Signals Next-Gen Mid Ir Sensors
  3. Epoxy Has A Hard And Fast Cure
  4. AFP/ATL Machines Carving Out A Respectable Market Share
  5. HDMI 2.1 IP Subsystem Provides 8K UHD Video Support
  6. Control Software Enables Smarter Energy Monitoring
  7. M.2 Form Factor Expands For IIoT Deployment
  8. NBA Team Implements Brain Performance Monitoring
  9. Environmental Sensor Family Adds Pressure Sensor Models
  10. Optical Platform A First For 3D Endoscopic Devices
  11. Current Sense Resistors Add New 0402 Package Size
  12. Power Entry Module A Veritable Hotbed Of Versatility
  13. Certified Inductors Hit The Road
  14. Flexible Electronics A Vibrant Market
  15. Wearable Sensors Market Rising
  16. IIC And OpenFoG Consortium Meet In The Fog
  17. Collaboration Helps Industry Bridge IT/OT Cyber Risk Gap
  18. Affordable, Scalable Thermal Sensor Integration For AVs
  19. Label Reader Understands Chinese
  20. Ultra-Compact Blind Mate Connector Delivers Top Flow
  21. Multi-Cavity Bandpass Filters Set Bandpass Benchmark
  22. Disruptive Radar Technology Fuels Digital Sensor Revolution
  23. Cohorts Launch Development Lab For Eco-Friendly Cars
  24. 4G LTE Gateway Harmonizes IoT Sensors
  25. Power Analysis Software Provides Deep Insights
  26. EPC Update Supports IPv6
  27. Analog Optical Sensors Protect Eyesight
  28. LVIT Position Sensors Challenge Linear Pots
  29. Rugged Accelerometer Instrument Offers 24 IEPE/Voltage Channels
  30. Torque-Control ICs Take Up Little Space
  31. MCUs Beat The Heat In Motor Control Applications
  32. AI Chip Market Set To Bulge And Burgeon
  33. VOC Sensors Market Subtle, Yet Solid
  34. Video Wall Portfolio Adds More Options
  35. Commercial SDRs Get Ruggedized
  36. Embedded SOMs & Development Kits Are Industry Ready
  37. Vision System Exploits Intel Quad-Core Architecture
  38. UVC Sensors Are Quite Compact
  39. LoRa Security Solution Goes End-to-End
  40. Fused Battery Eliminates Fuse Boxes
  41. Cable Assemblies Connect Sensors In Harsh Environments
  42. Blockchain Academy Seeks Eager Students
  43. Brain Monitoring Systems A Growing Market
  44. Battery Free RFID Sensors A Slowly Rising Market
  45. IoT Module Scores Category M1 Certification
  46. Free Flow Tools Streamline Complex Network Management
  47. Bluetooth 5.1 IP Has Landed
  48. Power Partners Simplify & Accelerate Enterprise IoT Projects
  49. Coriolis Mass Flowmeter Provides Solid GP Performance
  50. Single-Section Linear Encoder Tackles Absolute Applications
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