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  1. Sensor Measures Ambient Light Behind OLED Screens
  2. Disposable Health Patch Boasts Long Battery Life
  3. Resistors Suit Up For Space Travel
  4. Kit for Amazon AVS Supports Far-field Voice Interaction
  5. Doppler Lidar A First For Autonomous Fleets
  6. Parylene Coating Is Halogen-Free
  7. Nanomechanical Testing Market Cuts $345 Million Swarth
  8. IDE Accelerates Development Of Secure IoT Devices
  9. Partners Erect Next-Gen Solid-State Flash LiDAR
  10. Ultrasonic Sensors Are Rough And Ready
  11. Collaborators Advance Eye-Tracking Applications
  12. Accelerometers Are Smart And Capable
  13. Flow Controller Relishes Explosive Environments
  14. IO-Link Antennas Fit Diverse Apps
  15. Buck Converters & Controllers Streamline Automotive Instrument Clusters
  16. Automotive Power Electronics Ratcheting Up The Revenue
  17. Neurovascular Embolization Devices Market Growing At 4%
  18. Trio Of Partners Deliver Out-of-the-Box IoT Experience
  19. Advanced Platforms Enable Next-Gen Auto Cockpits
  20. Extreme Weather And The Challenges Of Predicting It
  21. Sensors Enable Next-Gen All-in-One VR Platforms
  22. AV Perception Engine Uses AI Tools
  23. Unique Antennas Keep HDTV Alive And Well
  24. Smart Edge SoCs Integrate Neural Network Acceleration
  25. Worldwide Semiconductor Revenue Growing
  26. Europe Smart Lighting Market On The Rise
  27. Collaborators Accelerate Autonomous Driving With AI
  28. Automotive Cameras A $4.8 Billion Market By 2026
  29. Mesh-Enabled Routers Pack Powerful Security Suite
  30. Collaborators Deliver Next-Gen AI-based Driver Monitoring
  31. Technology Makes Security Mobile & Smart
  32. Partners Pair Vehicle Network Processors With Over-the-Air Software
  33. Envirofencing: Why AVs Must Tackle Mother Nature Next
  34. MEMS Mic Drives Line Of Sensor-Driven Trash Cans
  35. Image Sensor Enables High-Quality Video Capture From Smartphones
  36. Implantable Sensor Enters First Clinical Trial
  37. SMD Antenna Locks Location With Centimeter Accuracy
  38. Hybrid DSP Architecture Tightens Control Of IoT Devices
  39. Ultrafast Laser Driver Advances LiDAR Architectures
  40. True-Black Standard Emerges For OLEDS
  41. App Recharges The Brain???
  42. Wireless IoT Location System Adds Real-Time 3D Tracking
  43. USB CODECs Feature Audiophile DACs
  44. Developer Toolbox Drives AI to Edge and Node Devices
  45. Embedded Imaging System Hits The Industrial Market
  46. SBC Tackles Industrial Tasks
  47. Soft Flex Sensing Technology is Advancing Remote Healthcare Monitoring
  48. Evolving Zero Trust to Secure IIoT
  49. 13-Mpixel Image Sensor Outfits Mainstream and Entry-Level Smartphone Cameras
  50. Static Pressure Level Switch Basks In Vented Tanks
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