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  1. Sensors bring wireless interface to prosthetics
  2. Researchers show ternary replacement for binary processor
  3. Memristors on a chip will lessen power consumption
  4. Neuralink moves ahead with human-computer interface brain implant
  5. Report paints bright future for vibration sensors
  6. Ground mapping solution uses Velodyne Lidar’s sensors
  7. Europe's 5G vote for cars opens lanes for Qualcomm, Intel
  8. IBBR receives $1M to develop portable medical sensors
  9. Police at Virginia capitol will test threat detection tech
  10. Arrow to close PC asset disposition unit
  11. Chipmakers facing uncertain 2020
  12. MachNation picks top IoT device management products
  13. Ultrasonic sensor provides multiple object scanning over wide viewing
  14. Arm drops some up-front licensing for chip designs
  15. Light-sensing terahertz sensor gives astronomers clearer glimpse of galaxies
  16. LoRa finds way into food safety
  17. Single-layer OLED could be inkjet-printed
  18. Vibration meter measures frequencies to 4800 Hz
  19. Deal for Broadcom to buy Symantec appears dead
  20. Qualcomm unwraps Snapdragon 855+ with faster speed for gamers
  21. IoT comes to the maritime at the Port of Rotterdam
  22. Trade, tariffs and tough times for electronics industry
  23. Researchers deploy AI to detect bias in AI and humans
  24. PC shipments rise; Lenovo ranks #1
  25. Machine learning training puts Google and Nvidia on top
  26. Metawave demonstrates antenna calibration system for beamsteering
  27. Mnuchin reportedly urging U.S. chipmakers to seek licenses for Huawei sales
  28. Automatic braking systems go haywire in Nissan Rogues
  29. Light band technology allows sensor to detect irregular shapes
  30. SEMI forecasts 18% drop in chip-making equipment sales
  31. Fiberoptic probe safely monitors blood flow
  32. Mobileye CEO assails AV costs and regulation, backs robotaxis
  33. Intel flexes muscles in chip packaging
  34. What is a proximity sensor?
  35. IBM’s e-tongue can taste and identify liquids, but can it talk? (Yes, sorta!)
  36. E-textiles still dressing up after 25 years of innovation
  37. NIST turns to new sensor to measure smokestack emissions
  38. Temperature sensors monitor process media temperatures
  39. Portable gas sensor maintains high performance
  40. Xilinx joins the AI chip race
  41. Pass the fork sensor, please
  42. New chip promises to keep data encrypted even during processing
  43. Ams, SmartSens bank on 3D and NIR sensors
  44. Sensor provides cleaner way to detect urinary tract infection
  45. Broadcom could buy Tibco or Symantec
  46. Low cost air sensors monitor wildfire smoke
  47. Moving day coming for U.S. tech firms in China
  48. Samsung sees big profit drop amid memory chip decline
  49. Broadcom pursues talks to buy Symantec: report
  50. Tsinghau Unigroup to produce DRAM in China
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