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  1. Deeper, Faster Learning with FPGA Co-Processors
  2. FPDeep: Acceleration and Load Balancing of CNN Training on FPGA Clusters
  3. CustoNN: Customizing Neural Networks on FPGA
  4. FPGA Implementations of Neural Networks
  5. DnnWeaver is the first open-source framework for fpga
  6. Deep Recurrent Neural Network Language Model on a Xilinx FPGA
  7. FPGA implementation of artificial neural networks
  8. Neural Network Implementation Using FPGA: Issues and Application
  9. Build a Custom Hardware System, Intel corporation
  10. Neural network accelerators for Lattice FPGAs
  11. Microsoft Debuts Project Brainwave Access to Intel FPGAs for AI
  12. Easily deploy models to FPGAs for ultra-low latency with Azure Machine Learning
  13. Microsoft project Brainwave for realtime AI
  14. FPGA nelle reti neurali
  15. Microsoft launches Project Brainwave, its deep learning acceleration platform
  16. PetaLinux for Artix-7 Arty Base Project
  17. Machine Learning on FPGAs: Neural Networks
  18. Da Intel un chip FPGA che tocca i 10 TFLOPs
  19. Facebook and its own chips for AI
  20. Scheda di sviluppo FPGA Intel Terasic DE10
  21. Scheda di sviluppo FPGA Intel Cyclone 10LP
  22. Raccolta di documenti e ricerche FPGA e reti neurali
  23. Machine learning con FPGA
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