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  1. ReconPi - Set Up Your Raspberry Pi To Perform Basic Recon Scans
  2. CAINE 11 - GNU/Linux Live Distribution For Digital Forensics Project, Windows Side Forensics And Incident Response
  3. Ngrev - Tool For Reverse Engineering Of Angular Applications
  4. Functrace - A Function Tracer
  5. Apk-Mitm - A CLI Application That Prepares Android APK Files For HTTPS Inspection
  6. Open Redirect Payload List
  7. AntiDisposmail - Detecting Disposable Email Addresses
  8. RetDec - A Retargetable Machine-Code Decompiler Based On LLVM
  9. Seeker v1.2.1 - Accurately Locate Smartphones Using Social Engineering
  10. CORStest - A Simple CORS Misconfiguration Scanner
  11. SharpHide - Tool To Create Hidden Registry Keys
  12. Codecat - Tool To Help In Manual Analysis In Codereview
  13. LinuxCheck - Linux Information Collection Script
  14. aSYNcrone - A SYN Flood DDoS Tool
  15. Burp Suite Secret Finder - Burp Suite Extension To Discover Apikeys/Tokens From HTTP Response
  16. Nessus Map - Parse .Nessus File(S) And Shows Output In Interactive UI
  17. Sooty - The SOC Analysts All-In-One CLI Tool To Automate And Speed Up Workflow
  18. CAPE - Malware Configuration And Payload Extraction
  19. ANDRAX v4 DragonFly - Penetration Testing on Android
  20. Goblin - An Impish, Cross-Platform Binary Parsing Crate, Written In Rust
  21. CCAT - Cloud Container Attack Tool For Testing Security Of Container Environments
  22. Subdomain3 - A New Generation Of Tool For Discovering Subdomains
  23. Mordor - Re-play Adversarial Techniques
  24. Attack Monitor - Endpoint Detection And Malware Analysis Software
  25. BaseQuery - A Way To Organize Public Combo-Lists And Leaks In A Way That You Can Easily Search Through Everything
  26. Netstat2Neo4J - Create Cypher Create Statements For Neo4J Out Of Netstat Files From Multiple Machines
  27. XML External Entity (XXE) Injection Payload List
  28. ATFuzzer - Dynamic Analysis Of AT Interface For Android Smartphones
  29. XML External Entity (XXE) Injection Payload List
  30. Kali Linux 2019.4 Release - Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking Linux Distribution
  31. Corsy - CORS Misconfiguration Scanner
  32. Flan - A Pretty Sweet Vulnerability Scanner By CloudFlare
  33. Antispy - A Free But Powerful Anti Virus And Rootkits Toolkit
  34. RE:TERNAL - Repo Containing Docker-Compose Files And Setup Scripts Without Having To Clone The Individual Reternal Components
  35. Sshtunnel - SSH Tunnels To Remote Server
  36. Glances - An Eye On Your System. A Top/Htop Alternative For GNU/Linux, BSD, Mac OS And Windows Operating Systems
  37. Leprechaun - Tool Used To Map Out The Network Data Flow To Help Penetration Testers Identify Potentially Valuable Targets
  38. RdpThief - Extracting Clear Text Passwords From Mstsc.Exe Using API Hooking
  39. DNCI - Dot Net Code Injector
  40. FireProx - AWS API Gateway Management Tool For Creating On The Fly HTTP Pass-Through Proxies For Unique IP Rotation
  41. Ultimate Facebook Scraper - A Bot Which Scrapes Almost Everything About A Facebook User'S Profile Including All Public Posts/Statuses Available On The User'S Timeline, Uploaded Photos, Tagged Photos, Videos, Friends List And Their Profile Photos
  42. SCShell - Fileless Lateral Movement Tool That Relies On ChangeServiceConfigA To Run Command
  43. Custom Header - Automatic Add New Header To Entire BurpSuite HTTP Requests
  44. Ddoor - Cross Platform Backdoor Using Dns Txt Records
  45. WinPwn - Automation For Internal Windows Penetrationtest / AD-Security
  46. SQL Injection Payload List
  47. Andor - Blind SQL Injection Tool With Golang
  48. DetectionLab - Vagrant And Packer Scripts To Build A Lab Environment Complete With Security Tooling And Logging Best Practices
  49. RedPeanut - A Small RAT Developed In .Net Core 2 And Its Agent In .Net 3.5/4.0
  50. Seeker v1.1.9 - Accurately Locate Smartphones Using Social Engineering
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