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  1. PoshC2 - C2 Server and Implants
  2. Hacktronian - All In One Hacking Tool For Linux & Android
  3. Pyshark - Python Wrapper For Tshark, Allowing Python Packet Parsing Using Wireshark Dissectors
  4. Applepie - A Hypervisor For Fuzzing Built With WHVP And Bochs
  5. PEpper - An Open Source Script To Perform Malware Static Analysis On Portable Executable
  6. goDoH - A DNS-over-HTTPS C2
  7. Truegaze - Static Analysis Tool For Android/iOS Apps Focusing On Security Issues Outside The Source Code
  8. pwnedOrNot v1.2.6 - OSINT Tool to Find Passwords for Compromised Email Addresses
  9. "Can I Take Over XYZ?" - A List Of Services And How To Claim (Sub)Domains With Dangling DNS Records
  10. Eyeballer - Convolutional Neural Network For Analyzing Pentest Screenshots
  11. "Can I Take Over XYZ?" - A List Of Services And How To Claim (Sub)Domains With Dangling DNS Records.
  12. Dow Jones Hammer - Protect The Cloud With The Power Of The cloud(AWS)
  13. Firmware Slap - Discovering Vulnerabilities In Firmware Through Concolic Analysis And Function Clustering
  14. Iris - WinDbg Extension To Perform Basic Detection Of Common Windows Exploit Mitigations
  15. Diaphora - The Most Advanced Free And Open Source Program Diffing Tool
  16. Airflowscan - Checklist And Tools For Increasing Security Of Apache Airflow
  17. DockerSecurityPlayground - A Microservices-based Framework For The Study Of Network Security And Penetration Test Techniques
  18. DrMITM - Program Designed To Globally Log All Traffic Of A Website
  19. Sampler - A Tool For Shell Commands Execution, Visualization And Alerting (Configured With A Simple YAML File)
  20. Findomain v0.2.1 - The Fastest And Cross-Platform Subdomain Enumerator
  21. Goop - Google Search Scraper (Bypass CAPTCHA)
  22. ThreatHunting - A Splunk App Mapped To MITRE ATT&CK To Guide Your Threat Hunts
  23. HackerTarget ToolKit v2.0 - Tools And Network Intelligence To Help Organizations With Attack Surface Discovery
  24. Seccomp Tools - Provide Powerful Tools For Seccomp Analysis
  25. AbsoluteZero - Python APT Backdoor
  26. Osmedeus v1.5 - Fully Automated Offensive Security Framework For Reconnaissance And Vulnerability Scanning
  27. WAES - Auto Enums Websites And Dumps Files As Result
  28. BADministration - Tool Which Interfaces with Management or Administration Applications from an Offensive Standpoint
  29. SQLMap v1.3.8 - Automatic SQL Injection And Database Takeover Tool
  30. Commando VM v2.0 - The First Full Windows-based Penetration Testing Virtual Machine Distribution
  31. Skadi - Collect, Process, And Hunt With Host Based Data From MacOS, Windows, And Linux
  32. KRF - A Kernelspace Randomized Faulter
  33. SET v8.0.1 - The Social-Engineer Toolkit
  34. Project iKy v2.1.0 - Tool That Collects Information From An Email And Shows Results In A Nice Visual Interface
  35. Project iKy v2.1.0 - Tool That Collects Information From An Email And Shows Results In A Nice Visual Interface
  36. Theo - Ethereum Recon And Exploitation Tool
  37. Malcolm - A Powerful, Easily Deployable Network Traffic Analysis Tool Suite For Full Packet Capture Artifacts (PCAP Files) And Zeek Logs
  38. AutoRecon - Multi-Threaded Network Reconnaissance Tool Which Performs Automated Enumeration Of Services
  39. WiFiBroot - A WiFi Pentest Cracking Tool For WPA/WPA2 (Handshake, PMKID, Cracking, EAPOL, Deauthentication)
  40. HELK - The Hunting ELK
  41. MemGuard - Secure Software Enclave For Storage Of Sensitive Information In Memory
  42. Usbrip - Simple Command Line Forensics Tool For Tracking USB Device Artifacts (History Of USB Events) On GNU/Linux
  43. MSNM-S - Multivariate Statistical Network Monitoring-Sensor
  44. W13Scan - Passive Security Scanner
  45. XSpear - Powerfull XSS Scanning And Parameter Analysis Tool
  46. Slurp - S3 Bucket Enumerator
  47. Buster - Find Emails Of A Person And Return Info Associated With Them
  48. Xssizer - The Best Tool To Find And Prove XSS Flaws
  49. WDExtract - Extract Windows Defender Database From Vdm Files And Unpack It
  50. WeebDNS - DNS Enumeration With Asynchronicity
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