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  1. Snare - Super Next Generation Advanced Reactive honEypot
  2. UAC-A-Mola - Tool That Allows Security Researchers To Investigate New UAC Bypasses, In Addition To Detecting And Exploiting Known Bypasses
  3. SUID3NUM - A Script Which Utilizes Python'S Built-In Modules To Find SUID Bins, Separate Default Bins From Custom Bins, Cross-Match Those With Bins In GTFO Bin's Repository & Auto-Exploit Those
  4. FOCA - Tool To Find Metadata And Hidden Information In The Documents
  5. IoT-Implant-Toolkit - Toolkit For Implant Attack Of IoT Devices
  6. Discover - Custom Bash Scripts Used To Automate Various Penetration Testing Tasks Including Recon, Scanning, Parsing, And Creating Malicious Payloads And Listeners With Metasploit
  7. Rbuster - Yet Another Dirbuster
  8. XMLRPC Bruteforcer - An XMLRPC Brute Forcer Targeting Wordpress
  9. Dirstalk - Modern Alternative To Dirbuster/Dirb
  10. Cotopaxi - Set Of Tools For Security Testing Of Internet Of Things Devices Using Specific Network IoT Protocols
  11. Auto Re - IDA PRO Auto-Renaming Plugin With Tagging Support
  12. Gobuster v3.0 - Directory/File, DNS And VHost Busting Tool Written In Go
  13. RITA - Real Intelligence Threat Analytics
  14. Eaphammer v1.9.0 - Targeted Evil Twin Attacks Against WPA2-Enterprise Networks
  15. Postenum - A Clean, Nice And Easy Tool For Basic/Advanced Privilege Escalation Techniques
  16. Unicorn-Bios - Basic BIOS Emulator For Unicorn Engine
  17. uniFuzzer - A Fuzzing Tool For Closed-Source Binaries Based On Unicorn And LibFuzzer
  18. SMTPTester - Tool To Check Common Vulnerabilities In SMTP Servers
  19. Tylium - Primary Data Pipelines For Intrusion Detection, Security Analytics And Threat Hunting
  20. Fsmon - Monitor Filesystem On iOS / OS X / Android / FirefoxOS / Linux
  21. Traxss - Automated XSS Vulnerability Scanner
  22. DECAF - Short for Dynamic Executable Code Analysis Framework
  23. Mosca - Manual Search Tool To Find Bugs Like A Grep Unix Command
  24. MalConfScan - Volatility Plugin For Extracts Configuration Data Of Known Malware
  25. Ispy - Eternalblue (MS17-010) / Bluekeep (CVE-2019-0708) Scanner And Exploit
  26. Zeek - A Powerful Network Analysis Framework That Is Much Different From The Typical IDS You May Know
  27. Maryam - Open-source intelligence (OSINT) Framework
  28. box.js - A Tool For Studying JavaScript Malware
  29. FATT - A Script For Extracting Network Metadata And Fingerprints From Pcap Files And Live Network Traffic
  30. Penta - Open Source All-In-One CLI Tool To Automate Pentesting
  31. Tarnish - A Chrome Extension Static Analysis Tool To Help Aide In Security Reviews
  32. B2R2 - Collection Of Useful Algorithms, Functions, And Tools For Binary Analysis
  33. Userrecon-Py v2.0 - Username Recognition On Various Websites
  34. DNS Rebinding Tool - DNS Rebind Tool With Custom Scripts
  35. Fenrir - Simple Bash IOC Scanner
  36. ManaTI - A Web-Based Tool To Assist The Work Of The Intuitive Threat Analysts
  37. ThreadBoat - Program Uses Thread Execution Hijacking To Inject Native Shellcode Into A Standard Win32 Application
  38. SQLMap v1.3.10 - Automatic SQL Injection And Database Takeover Tool
  39. GiveMeSecrets - Use Regular Expressions To Get Sensitive Information From A Given Repository (GitHub, Pip Or Npm)
  40. Lockdoor Framework - A Penetration Testing Framework With Cyber Security Resources
  41. Sub.Sh - Online Subdomain Detect Script
  42. CryptonDie - A Ransomware Developed For Study Purposes
  43. Recomposer - Randomly Changes Win32/64 PE Files For 'Safer' Uploading To Malware And Sandbox Sites
  44. Terraform AWS Secure Baseline - Terraform Module To Set Up Your AWS Account With The Secure Baseline Configuration Based On CIS Amazon Web Services Foundations
  45. Syhunt Community 6.7 - Web And Mobile Application Scanner
  46. DumpsterFire - "Security Incidents In A Box!" A Modular, Menu-Driven, Cross-Platform Tool For Building Customized, Time-Delayed, Distributed Security Events
  47. SecurityNotFound - 404 Page Not Found Webshell
  48. HRShell - An Advanced HTTPS/HTTP Reverse Shell Built With Flask
  49. Kube-Alien - Tool To Launches Attack on K8s Cluster from Within
  50. Rebel-Framework - Advanced And Easy To Use Penetration Testing Framework
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