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  1. CredNinja - A Multithreaded Tool Designed To Identify If Credentials Are Valid, Invalid, Or Local Admin Valid Credentials Within A Network At-Scale Via SMB, Plus Now With A User Hunter
  2. Memhunter - Live Hunting Of Code Injection Techniques
  3. AgentSmith-HIDS - Open Source Host-based Intrusion Detection System (HIDS)
  4. Hershell - Multiplatform Reverse Shell Generator
  5. Check-LocalAdminHash - A PowerShell Tool That Attempts To Authenticate To Multiple Hosts Over Either WMI Or SMB Using A Password Hash To Determine If The Provided Credential Is A Local Administrator
  6. SharpStat - C# Utility That Uses WMI To Run "cmd.exe /c netstat -n", Save The Output To A File, Then Use SMB To Read And Delete The File Remotely
  7. KsDumper - Dumping Processes Using The Power Of Kernel Space
  8. YARASAFE - Automatic Binary Function Similarity Checks with Yara
  9. AlertResponder - Automatic Security Alert Response Framework By AWS Serverless Application Model
  10. TAS - A Tiny Framework For Easily Manipulate The Tty And Create Fake Binaries
  11. TeleGram-Scraper - Telegram Group Scraper Tool (Fetch All Information About Group Members)
  12. Grouper2 - Find Vulnerabilities In AD Group Policy
  13. Aaia - AWS Identity And Access Management Visualizer And Anomaly Finder
  14. Scallion - GPU-based Onion Addresses Hash Generator
  15. Bluewall - A Firewall Framework Designed For Offensive And Defensive Cyber Professionals
  16. Gowitness - A Golang, Web Screenshot Utility Using Chrome Headless
  17. Lsassy - Extract Credentials From Lsass Remotely
  18. LOLBITS - C# Reverse Shell Using Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) As Communication Protocol
  19. Shell Backdoor List - PHP / ASP Shell Backdoor List
  20. SWFPFinder - SWF Potential Parameters Finder
  21. Andriller - Software Utility With A Collection Of Forensic Tools For Smartphones
  22. Heapinspect - Inspect Heap In Python
  23. CHAPS - Configuration Hardening Assessment PowerShell Script
  24. Karonte - A Static Analysis Tool To Detect Multi-Binary Vulnerabilities In Embedded Firmware
  25. IotShark - Monitoring And Analyzing IoT Traffic
  26. LNAV - Log File Navigator
  27. TuxResponse - Linux Incident Response
  28. Stowaway - Multi-hop Proxy Tool For Pentesters
  29. Git-Vuln-Finder - Finding Potential Software Vulnerabilities From Git Commit Messages
  30. WAFW00F v2.0 - Allows One To Identify And Fingerprint Web Application Firewall (WAF) Products Protecting A Website
  31. Dsync - IDAPython Plugin That Synchronizes Disassembler And Decompiler Views
  32. LKWA - Lesser Known Web Attack Lab
  33. Multiscanner - Modular File Scanning/Analysis Framework
  34. Tishna - Complete Automated Pentest Framework For Servers, Application Layer To Web Security
  35. AWS Report - Tool For Analyzing Amazon Resources
  36. WindowsFirewallRuleset - Windows Firewall Ruleset Powershell Scripts
  37. S3Tk - A Security Toolkit For Amazon S3
  38. SysWhispers - AV/EDR Evasion Via Direct System Calls
  39. Kamerka GUI - Ultimate Internet Of Things/Industrial Control Systems Reconnaissance Tool
  40. XSpear v1.3 - Powerfull XSS Scanning And Parameter Analysis Tool
  41. AVCLASS++ - Yet Another Massive Malware Labeling Tool
  42. SQLMap v1.4 - Automatic SQL Injection And Database Takeover Tool
  43. Turbolist3r - Subdomain Enumeration Tool With Analysis Features For Discovered Domains
  44. Top 20 Most Popular Hacking Tools in 2019
  45. Pown.js - A Security Testing An Exploitation Toolkit Built On Top Of Node.js And NPM
  46. RansomCoin - A DFIR Tool To Extract Cryptocoin Addresses And Other Indicators Of Compromise From Binaries
  47. nmapAutomator - Tool To Automate All Of The Process Of Recon/Enumeration
  48. Quark-Engine - An Obfuscation-Neglect Android Malware Scoring System
  49. Malwinx - Just A Normal Flask Web App To Understand Win32Api With Code Snippets And References
  50. PAKURI - Penetration Test Achieve Knowledge Unite Rapid Interface
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