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  1. Renewables Surpass Coal in the US for the First Time
  2. Researchers Discover How a Brainless Slime Can Remember Things
  3. New Quantum Device Can “Generate All Possible Futures”
  4. Scientists Grew Artificial Blood Vessels from Cadaver Cells
  5. Facebook Charged for Role in Illegal Housing Discrimination
  6. These 3D-Printed Mars Habitats Just Won a NASA Award
  7. America Secretly Sold Nuclear Tech to Saudi Arabia
  8. Bill Designed to Help Cannabis Industry Use Banks Moves Forward
  9. New Method Could Help Astronomers Find Life-Supporting Exoplanets
  10. Startup Unveils “World’s First Automated Cannabis Farm”
  11. These DJs Are Making Music By Coding on a Huge Screen
  12. Tech Used to Be for the Rich. Now They’re Paying to Avoid It.
  13. A Scientist Thinks Someone Alive Today Will Live to be 1,000
  14. “BirthStrikers” Refuse to Reproduce Because of Climate Change
  15. Handheld CRISPR Device Diagnoses Genetic Disease in 15 Minutes
  16. NASA Proposes Mission to Neptune’s Largest Moon Triton
  17. Crashed Boeing 737 Jets Lacked Safety Features That Cost Extra
  18. The U.S. Military is Mounting a Giant Laser Cannon on a Destroyer
  19. Scientists Reversed Rats’ Alcoholism by Firing Lasers at Their Brains
  20. The Air Force Is Building AI to Fly Fighter Jets Called “Skyborg”
  21. Scientists: Anti-Vaxxers Are the Moral Equivalent of Drunk Drivers
  22. Meet Lunewave: URBAN-X Alumni Leading the Advancement of Autonomous Vehicles
  23. China Is Building up to 20 Floating Nuclear Power Plants
  24. Scientists Just Got Amazing Results From an Old Fusion Reactor
  25. Facebook Stored “Hundreds of Millions” of Passwords as Plain Text
  26. New Virus Steals Your Files Until PewDiePie Gets 100M Subscribers
  27. Scientists’ New Goal: Make the ISS Bathroom Less Disgusting
  28. NASA Isn’t Sure What’s Wrong With Its InSight Mars Lander
  29. Confused Pilots Were Reading Boeing 737 Handbook as Plane Crashed
  30. Pal-V Liberty Flying Car Offers the Best of Both Helicopters and Cars
  31. This Guy Is Trying to Grow Organs in Pig-Human Hybrids
  32. South Korean App Warns Smartphone Addicts Not to Step Into Traffic
  33. 2.6 Billion People Lack Access to Electricity. The World Needs Sustainable Energy Now.
  34. Japan Announces Plan to Bomb Asteroid
  35. New Harvard Research Could Be a Step to Human Limb Regeneration
  36. Computer Fraud Laws are Flawed, this Lawyer is Fighting Against Them
  37. Elon Musk: $47,000 Model Y SUV “Will Ride Like a Sports Car”
  38. New Google App Describes Objects to Blind People
  39. Elon Musk: Las Vegas Tunnel Will Be “Operational by End of Year”
  40. Boeing Promises Software Update for Plane That Crashed
  41. A Drone You Control With Your Mind Is About to Hit Kickstarter
  42. Robbers Tortured a Man With a Drill to Steal His Cryptocurrency
  43. Scientists Invent Biodegradable Mardi Gras Beads
  44. European Military Contractor Tests New Laser Weapon
  45. NASA Lander Now Provides Daily Martian Weather Reports
  46. While Pedophiles Flock to YouTube, Advertisers Flee It
  47. Trump Calls For “6G,” Which Doesn’t Exist
  48. Software Bug Immediately Crashes Nike’s Self-Lacing Sneakers
  49. A New AI Draws Cats, and They’re Utterly Grotesque
  50. Meet Hippocamp, “The Moon That Shouldn’t Be There”
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