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  1. MIT Says New Technique Lets You Hack Your Own Brain Waves
  2. Uber Admits It Didn’t Let Drivers Use Employee Bathrooms
  3. Watch NASA’s New Footage of a Comet Exploding
  4. SpaceX Is Sending Super-Muscular Mice to the Space Station
  5. U.S. Homeland Security Wants to Scan the Face of All Travelers
  6. IKEA Designed the Interior of a Mars Habitat
  7. These Unique Necklaces and Bracelets Are Perfect for the Science Lover on Your List
  8. TikTok Secretly Hid Videos by Fat, LGBTQ, Mentally Disabled Users
  9. Drug Rep Exposes How Big Pharma Pushed Opioids
  10. Unlock the Mysteries of Your Gut Microbiome With Viome’s Gut Intelligence Test
  11. This Company Is Paying People $1,830 to Film Them Constantly
  12. Don’t Wait: Futurism’s Favorite Black Friday Deals Are Already Live
  13. This Psychologist Wants to Create Day Care Centers for Robots
  14. Study: Want to Stop Drinking So Much? Do Ketamine Once.
  15. New Zealand Opens World’s First HIV-Positive Sperm Bank
  16. Elon Musk: 250K People Have Pre-Ordered Cybertrucks
  17. Grimes: Humanity Is At The “End of Art, Human Art”
  18. Twitter Plans to Delete Dead People’s Accounts, Prompting Outrage
  19. This AI Came Up With Hilarious Pie Names Based on Harry Potter
  20. Human Go Champion Who Lost to AI Says Machines Cannot Be Defeated
  21. Watch a Dog-Like Robot Climb Straight up a Ladder
  22. Russian Farmers Are Strapping VR Headsets to Dairy Cows
  23. India Finally Admits Its Moon Lander Crashed
  24. FDA Cracks Down on CBD, Saying It Has “Real Risks”
  25. Scientists: Jupiter’s Great Red Spot Isn’t Dying After All
  26. New UN Climate Report Calls the Future “Bleak”
  27. NYC Threatens to Seize Any FedEx Delivery Bots on City Streets
  28. The American Life Expectancy Is Now Falling Due to Drugs, Suicide
  29. It’s Official: Police Are Testing Out Boston Dynamics’ Robot Dog
  30. Porn Stars: Instagram Keeps Deleting Our Accounts for No Reason
  31. Amazing AI Makes You Look and Sound Exactly Like Joe Rogan
  32. Astronomers Spot First Galaxy With Three Supermassive Black Holes
  33. Elon Musk Wants to Add “Fold Out Solar Wings” to Cybertruck
  34. Physicists Finally Find a Way to Tell Certain Black Holes Apart
  35. MIT Deepfake Shows Nixon Sadly Saying the Moon Astronauts Died
  36. Someday, Robot Artists May Have to Explain Their Creations to Us
  37. Tesla’s “Blade Runner” Cybertruck Is an Absolute Monstrosity
  38. Cyberattack Forces Hospital to Revert to Handwriting Everything
  39. University Deletes Press Release Claiming Evidence of Bugs on Mars
  40. Terraforming Mars Is an Addictive Board Game That Lets You Transform the Red Planet
  41. NATO Boss: Space Is Now a Military “Operational Domain”
  42. Watch NASA’s Truck-Mounted Cannon Shoot Drones Into the Sky
  43. Fate of Male Birth Control Injection Now in Government’s Hands
  44. Police Reports: Meth, Heroin, Cocaine Found at Tesla Factory
  45. Watch SpaceX Starship Rocket Burst, Crumple During Test
  46. Ride-Hailing Apps Linked to an Increase in Binge Drinking
  47. Penn State’s SETI Center Could Legitimize Alien Research
  48. Baby Black Holes May be Orbiting Supermassive Black Holes
  49. Elon Musk Apologized to SpaceX Employees After Smoking Weed
  50. Computer Scientist: Ghosts Could Be Sign Universe Is Simulated
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