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  1. Climate change threatens a scary number of plant species
  2. Tool tells carpenters how to build stuff with what’s on hand
  3. Giant ice planet orbits hot star 1/4 its size
  4. Listen: Emotions shape memory for people with dementia
  5. New material offers lots of perks to soft robots
  6. A common cold virus may sneak in to infect placenta
  7. Space laser sees Earth’s biggest animal migration
  8. Supplement may slow early aging syndrome
  9. Best defense against MRSA at home: Wash your hands
  10. Why we blurt things out (and how to stop it)
  11. Climate change is totally reshaping ocean communities
  12. Leaders with economics know-how drive faster GDP growth
  13. Don’t buy the hype about a looming bacon shortage
  14. 87% of Danes want to avoid meat-free meals
  15. U.S. same-sex couples get marriage licenses without discrimination
  16. Computer models could predict where we’ll go as seas rise
  17. Oddly shaped parks cut mortality risk for nearby residents
  18. Newly-discovered ‘comma’ shrimp is 90 million years old
  19. Does Thanksgiving affect what you think tastes good?
  20. Your personality traits can change with some work
  21. Tech makes memes more accessible for people with visual impairments
  22. A.I. predicts which drug combos will best treat TB
  23. Anthrax could be a new weapon to fight bladder cancer
  24. The 7 metrics of heart disease risk could use a rewrite
  25. How the flu shot affects your genes could make it better
  26. Search results don’t have a political bias
  27. Fetuses can detect light earlier than we thought
  28. Telescope closes in on signal from end of ‘cosmic dark age’
  29. Tests suggest potential therapy for a childhood leukemia
  30. Do these genes link dietary fat and colon cancer?
  31. DNA circuits ID cancer cells by their surface proteins
  32. Eating oysters in ‘R months’ rule is 4,000 years old
  33. How better HIV treatment cut drug use and domestic violence
  34. 4 ways to keep your lights from harming insects
  35. Where do rattlesnakes hide out in the winter?
  36. Virtual reality ‘clinic’ brings stroke therapy home
  37. Friend or foe? This bundle of brain fibers lets guys know
  38. Changes at home make it easier for older folks to live alone
  39. Textbooks paint social movements as old news
  40. CDC baby milestones contain surprising wiggle room
  41. Here’s where robots are replacing workers fastest
  42. Upper GI bleed guidelines could prevent ER visits
  43. Teens are terrible at spotting fact vs. fiction online
  44. Are we alone in the universe? This generation could finally find out
  45. Kids are healthier after green school bus makeovers
  46. Two things seem to ease catatonia in Down syndrome
  47. Hunter-gatherers heated lake gunk to make ochre paint
  48. Trans kids and cis kids are both sure of their gender
  49. New clues to harsh parenting by moms with alcohol dependence
  50. Kids of older moms inherit more mitochondrial mutations
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