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  1. Saying this may help young men prevent sexual violence
  2. Like us, birds are particularly good at sorting warm colors
  3. It’s a mystery how narwhals have survived
  4. Bumble bees see huge population decline
  5. Blame climate change for last summer’s global heat waves
  6. 15% fewer homicides in states with universal background checks
  7. Listen: How did people start consuming coffee?
  8. 3D-printed tissue could fix athletes’ damaged joints
  9. These brain cells naturally stop overeating
  10. Nepal’s rivers give green power to remote areas
  11. Family stories expose gaps in cancer care
  12. Brush up on autism history with this website
  13. To offset drought, retrofit older power plants
  14. Here’s a better way to measure atomic qubits
  15. Do nonhuman primates have Zika? Poo can say
  16. Why it’s so hard to reproduce HeLa cell findings
  17. Robot ‘eyes’ aid people with profound motor impairments
  18. Test yourself: Can you think like a computer?
  19. These cooperating microbes are surprisingly diverse
  20. Do discrimination and PTSD cause pre-term birth?
  21. If performance governs pay, more workers take antidepressants
  22. How a Serengeti park road could alter lives
  23. Two creams team up to cut skin cancer risk
  24. Hydrogel LEGO blocks stick together for microfluidics
  25. Bacteria time their comeback after antibiotic attack
  26. Your future coworkers could be swarms of robots
  27. Preteen boys who play team sports have less depression
  28. Could family breakfast give kids good body image?
  29. Depressed African Americans more likely to get wrong diagnosis
  30. Yucatec Maya moms breastfeed longer after c-section
  31. Parents of girls are less likely to stress computer skills
  32. Light from exotic crystals improves solar panels
  33. Team confirms link between sleep disorder and Parkinson’s
  34. Shipping growth will mean more invasive stowaways
  35. Rohingya refugees need mental health treatment and justice
  36. To gauge a neighborhood, combine tons of reviews
  37. How bats harbor viruses but don’t get sick
  38. Map tracks overlap of sharks, tuna, and ships
  39. Peer pressure gets college students to avoid drinking
  40. Is it ethical to genetically engineer people?
  41. Watch-like device protects pacemakers from hackers
  42. Vibrating ‘mohawk’ may cause concussion side effects
  43. Women tend to get diagnoses later than men
  44. To prevent bloodstream infections, coat catheters?
  45. Doctor or nurse in the family? You’re more likely to hit 80
  46. Food tracking apps actually work for weight loss
  47. Prototype paves way for ‘computer-on-a-chip’
  48. Zebra stripes muddle how flies fly
  49. ‘Tags’ let your phone spot counterfeit stuff
  50. School struggles can make little kids less popular
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