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  1. Violence at home pushes Central American migrants to U.S.
  2. When moms smoke marijuana, kids try it earlier
  3. ‘Evil’ protein may be key in common breast cancer
  4. More federal money to states means fewer infant deaths
  5. Climate change concerns unite Gens X and Y
  6. People are still ‘grossed out’ by GM food
  7. Senior housing may keep older adults out of hospital
  8. Ice volcano sheds light on Ceres’ missing mountains
  9. Does being a parent make you more conservative?
  10. 3-year-old girl has all-new genetic syndrome
  11. Gaps between political parties may worsen voter discrimination
  12. Brain-gut link may be way faster than we thought
  13. Can banning plastic straws save the oceans?
  14. On ecstasy, antisocial octopuses reach out for a hug
  15. Tone matters for trusting people with different accents
  16. Your social circle stymies your ‘fake news’ radar
  17. Drug combo jams malaria’s ‘recycling system’
  18. Gambling monkeys reveal brain area key to taking risks
  19. Junk food quitters face withdrawal-like symptoms
  20. These words make kids more helpful and persistent
  21. Elephant tusk DNA clues lead to ivory poacher ‘hotspots’
  22. Skull DNA fills in picture of Rome-invading barbarians
  23. Tiny crystals could slash the cost of X-rays
  24. In-class exercise breaks gets kids up and moving
  25. Is it possible to stop Turkey’s economic meltdown?
  26. How climate change could derail fish farmers
  27. What disasters like Hurricane Florence teach policymakers
  28. Mouth bacteria may predict child’s obesity risk
  29. 7 ways Michigan’s Medicaid expansion paid off financially
  30. Strange, long-lasting stellar explosion births new star
  31. Drug fights liver cancer with fewer side effects
  32. The way plants get nutrients could fight weeds
  33. Family’s ‘genetic background’ sheds light on autism symptoms
  34. Team care ups survival rates for people with lung cancer
  35. What patients think of companies selling their DNA
  36. 1 big change to math class may boost learning
  37. Software could lead to personalized leukemia treatments
  38. Scientists catch Higgs boson particle’s most common decay
  39. Oldest animal is bizarre, but a lot like modern critters
  40. Environmental DNA sniffs out sharks
  41. Hair-sized wireless sensor uses light to gather heat data
  42. How a remote island bounced back after rats ran amok
  43. Pancreas forms ducts like a river network
  44. The pancreas forms ducts like a river network
  45. We need better data to fight human trafficking
  46. Email distractions make bosses worse leaders
  47. Social class sways how unemployed people talk about food
  48. These trans teens have higher risk of suicide
  49. Why did we evolve to feel shame?
  50. How a 1965 law—and TV—changed US immigration
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