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  1. How to buy tech online and not get ripped off
  2. Smart speakers make tricky gifts no matter how cheap they get
  3. MEGAPIXELS: This strange creature isnt a spider or a dog but it sure looks like both
  4. Scientists want to put 'speed bumps' in hurricane alley to slow down storms
  5. Two NASA spacecraft died in one weekand there's a connection
  6. Last week in tech: New Apple devices Amazons free shipping play and Blizzcons big gaming news
  7. Report: Apple Pay to launch in Belgium in November
  8. Llamas could save us all from the flu
  9. Visa CEO forecasts significant contactless growth in the US
  10. How to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning winter's odorless killer
  11. Apple unveils launch partners for Apple Pay in Germany
  12. A new report shows the ozone hole is healing but it's not all good news
  13. The best hidden Instagram tricks
  14. Setting up a secure private email server isnt as hard as it sounds
  15. How to spot misleading statistics in the news
  16. Here's how an AI lie detector can tell when you're fibbing
  17. Don't worry those weird patterns you see with your eyes closed are real
  18. Instant soup sends a shocking number of kids to the hospital
  19. Surprise! Kids' apps are full of manipulative unregulated advertising
  20. How do planes fly?
  21. Add USB ports to your outlets without springing for an electrician
  22. Extreme summer weather will be back next year . . . and probably forever
  23. Whoa dinosaur eggs looked more dope than we thought
  24. Folding phones a Facebook TV camera the death of Twitter's like button and the rest of the current tech rumors
  25. Humans have altered almost the entire planetwe need to save whats left
  26. McLaren's $2.4 million Speedtail hypercar can hit 250 miles per hour
  27. Is there a place for compassion in TC?
  28. One size does not fit all: Personalizing content and e-commerce experiences
  29. User assistance 4.0 How personalization VR and AR change the way we communicate with our users
  30. Frankenstein was based on some very real (and very creepy) experiments
  31. The next novel you read may be in Facebook Messenger
  32. Scientists set up a haunted lab to figure out why we like being scared
  33. The swamp science that lured travelers to their doomand inspired the jack-o-lantern
  34. Bitcoin is probably bad for the planet but exactly how bad remains to be seen
  35. We created a frankenhouse of the most common phobias
  36. Behold the mighty elephant bird blindly crashing through the Madagascan forest
  37. Is my headache actually eye strain?
  38. The spookiest things we learned this week
  39. Humanity's obsession with chocolate may go back much further than we thought
  40. NASAs Parker Solar Probe just smashed two all-time records on its way to the sun
  41. These dogs know you have malaria before you do
  42. What did dinosaurs eat?
  43. Will wearing glasses make my vision worse?
  44. Eight science policies at stake this Election Day
  45. Eight in ten UK consumers would make a biometric card their preferred payment card
  46. The ocean floor is littered with adorable octopuses (and actual garbage)
  47. Lets watch Apple announce new iPads updated MacBook laptops and more
  48. As states scramble to find execution drugs experts say its time to let lethal injection die
  49. Brazils new president plans to plunder the Amazon which is bad news for all of us
  50. Five laptops to buy if Apple messes up this MacBook Air update
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