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  1. NASA locates multiple heat anomalies in Atlantic Ocean
  2. SpaceX's Starman has crossed Mars in his Tesla Roadster
  3. European Space Agency all set to explore Mars to look for life
  4. Scientists discover new giant dinosaur species in Argentina
  5. Mars Society president criticizes NASA for not building a permanent moon base
  6. NASA's Hubble Telescope spots cute smiling face in space
  7. Harvard researchers suggest Cigar-shaped asteroid 'Oumuamua' could be an alien probe
  8. Harvard researchers suggested that Cigar-shaped asteroid 'Oumuamua' could be an alien probe
  9. Giant jet stream waves adversely affecting climate, finds latest study
  10. It's confirmed, NASA's Dawn spacecraft is dead after glorious 11-years mission
  11. Wilderness of world is quickly disappearing, says study
  12. Birds have colorful eggs due to dinosaur connection, says new study
  13. Touch the moon if you can: Only known moon rocks to be auctioned in New York
  14. Russia's next mission to ISS may launch in December
  15. Singapore's neighbours may legalise marijuana for medical use; CNB warns people about drug abuse
  16. Elephant birds that went extinct 1000 years ago were nocturnal and blind, study says
  17. Devastating hurricane Walaka forced Hawaiian island to wipe off from world map
  18. Opportunity rover could be lost forever, upset NASA speculates
  19. Giant asteroid to make closest approach with earth today, warns NASA
  20. NASA fixes the Great Observatory and puts it back to work
  21. Scientists confirm two dust clouds orbiting earth, are they ghostly moons?
  22. Popular blood pressure medication could increase the risk of lung cancer, new study finds
  23. Video of 'breathing earth' in Quebec forests goes viral, what causes this?
  24. Mystery source of ozone-depleting material discovered by scientists
  25. Pakistan to send 1st astronaut to space from China by 2022
  26. Microdoses of magic mushroom could create magic on creativity and problem-solving abilities
  27. Last year's Mexico earthquake smashes tectonic plate in half
  28. Why October month's full moon is called Hunter's Moon?
  29. Researchers says tall people are at greater risk of cancer
  30. Researchers discover oldest North American weapon in Texas
  31. Plume of smoke cloud spotted in Mars that triggers several speculations
  32. Water on Mars contains more oxygen than previously thought: Caltech, JPL team
  33. Experts claim human interference makes humpback whales stop singing
  34. NASA's alien-hunting telescope once again enters sleep mode, scientists clueless
  35. 10 bl metric tonnes of carbon dioxide should be sucked from atmosphere by 2050, says new study
  36. Dozens of baby animal skulls found next to early Jurassic era gigantic creature
  37. Mars holds sufficient oxygen to harbor alien life, claims a new study
  38. What is it? NASA spots unusual but spectacular rectangle cut to precision in Antarctica
  39. Men's nicotine exposure can cause genetic issues; Enough to harm unborn babies
  40. Marine life: Underwater cameras spotted Headless chicken monster in Southern Ocean
  41. World's largest amphibious aircraft made by China completes flight test; What is New Moon project?
  42. NASA names constellation after sci-fi monster, Godzilla
  43. Researchers confirm earth's inner core is solid after studying newly detected vibrations
  44. Old people were right about sunlight and its power to kill germs, says study
  45. Galaxy proto-supercluster – Hyperion: Scientists find largest cosmic structure to date
  46. Aliens might look like humans, says University of Edinburgh astrobiologist
  47. Archaeologists find Viking ship burial site in Norway by using new-tech tool [VIDEO]
  48. Virtual reality helps people to develop empathy and compassion, claims a new study
  49. Astronaut to walk on moon rubbishes data, doesn't believe that humans have caused climate change
  50. China all set to launch artificial moon to replace street lights, what's next?
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