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  1. Computer models simulate JTRS software radio protocols
  2. William Blackwell receives the 2009 NOAA–David Johnson Award
  3. John Zayhowski named a 2009 Fellow of the Optical Society of America
  4. LINEAR is honored as a region on asteroid Itokawa
  5. Q and A with CTO Zachary Lemnios
  6. System that distinguishes among variants in spoken languages could enhance automated machine translation.
  7. A fast optical switch could speed up digital networks
  8. Four from Lincoln Laboratory receive 2009 MIT Excellence Awards
  9. Lincoln Laboratory discovers inner Earth orbit asteroids
  10. Relatively cheap sensor system can detect indoor attacks in buildings with chemical weapons
  11. Corridor Integrated Weather System expands to cover the entire continental U.S.
  12. Allen D. Pillsbury and Benny J. Sheeks receive 2008 Technical Excellence Awards
  13. High-availability free-space laser communications demonstrated
  14. Michael S. Brandstein and Darryl P. Greenwood named IEEE Fellows
  15. Lincoln Laboratory demonstrates airborne communication with Milstar
  16. Specialized avalanche photodiode arrays enable adaptive optics uses
  17. Going beyond limits: New lens lets microscopes peer at much smaller objects
  18. A robotic car bedecked with Lincoln Laboratory sensors takes on DARPA's Urban Challenge
  19. Robert Cunningham moderates cyber-security forum
  20. Watching and Waiting: The search for dangerous asteroids is about to begin in earnest
  21. Lincoln Laboratory has "summer school" for teachers
  22. NASA honors Lincoln Laboratory researchers
  23. R. Louis Bellaire receives Secretary of Defense Medal for Outstanding Public Service
  24. Robert J. Collier Trophy presented to Lincoln Laboratory researchers
  25. Lincoln Laboratory is on a "ROLL"
  26. Lincoln Laboratory begins work on Lunar Laser Communications Demonstration
  27. Lincoln Laboratory introduces Technical Women's Network
  28. Grant H. Stokes receives Air Force Meritorious Civilian Service Award
  29. DHS officials visit Lincoln Laboratory
  30. Novel nanomaterials that block stray laser light could spare soldiers’ eyes
  31. MIT Lincoln Laboratory computer achieves 0.5 petabyte calculation
  32. Lincoln Laboratory applies national security expertise to natural-disaster management
  33. Protecting process control systems: an interview with Robert Cunningham
  34. Lincoln Laboratory supplies detectors for world's most advanced digital camera
  35. Protecting Buildings Against Airborne Contamination (pdf)
  36. Lincoln Laboratory is among the recipients of the 2007 Collier Trophy
  37. Summer internships help students get a feel for their chosen career
  38. Stephen J. Uftring to participate in U.S. Frontiers of Engineering Symposium
  39. "Chimeric" molecules speed up DNA amplification
  40. Photonic Frontiers: Combining beams can boost total power
  41. NASA selects MIT-led team to develop planet-searching satellite
  42. Upgrade to Millstone radar will improve tracking of geosynch satellites
  43. Lincoln Laboratory team earns Bike-to-Work Week Award
  44. Serpil Ayasli, former researcher at Lincoln Laboratory, receives award for excellence in radar engineering
  45. NetSPA software tool identifies potential avenues of cyber attack
  46. New Ka-band MILSATCOM system successfully tested
  47. Health Surveillance and Diagnosis for Mitigating a Bioterror Attack (pdf)
  48. Modeling Responses to Anthrax and Smallpox Attacks (pdf)
  49. Addressing the Multicore Trend with Automatic Parallelization (pdf)
  50. Governor Patrick holds press conference at Lincoln Laboratory: Announces Hanscom AFB as candidate for USAF Cyber Command headquarters
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