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  1. BrandPost: The Need for a Unified Security Strategy for Converging IT/OT Environments
  2. Data exchanges know all about you; soon they'll impact cybersecurity
  3. Meaner, more violent Stuxnet variant reportedly hits Iran
  4. Meaner, more violent Stuxnet variant reportedly hit Iran
  5. 10 essential PowerShell security scripts for Windows administrators
  6. Cyber security relics: 4 older technologies still plaguing the infosec world
  7. State of cybercrime 2018: Security spending up, but so are the risks
  8. 4 dangerous security assumptions to avoid
  9. Automating security at AWS: How Amazon Web Services operates with no SOC
  10. BrandPost: The Patching Paradox
  11. Cybersecurity professional impressions on cloud-native security
  12. Beware the IoT spy in your office or home via smart furniture, warns NSA
  13. Is your security operations center TTP0?
  14. Thousands of critical energy and water systems exposed online for anyone to exploit
  15. BrandPost: The Role of Artificial Intelligence in IoT and OT Security
  16. Cyber threats fueled by AI: Security's next big challenge
  17. Biggest data breach penalties for 2018
  18. Flaws in brain stimulation tech could let hackers erase or hold memories for ransom
  19. Why the best antivirus software isn't enough (and why you still need it)
  20. Synagogue shooter and mail bomber both spread hate speech on social media
  21. 6 takeaways from McAfee MPower
  22. 7 places to find threat intel beyond vulnerability databases
  23. The CSO guide to top security conferences, 2018-19
  24. What is application security? A process and tools for securing software
  25. 7 unexpected ways GDPR and other privacy regulations make security harder
  26. FBI: Call of Duty gamers helped steal $3.3 million in cryptocurrency hacking scheme
  27. IDG Contributor Network: Defense, security and the real enemies
  28. How Microsoft's Controlled Folder Access can help stop ransomware
  29. BrandPost: The Critical Need for a More Secure WAN Solution
  30. Burned malware returns, says Cylance report: Is Hacking Team responsible?
  31. High-tech thieves used a relay attack to steal a Tesla Model S
  32. 10 top security enhancements in Windows Server 2019
  33. BrandPost: The Answer to Cyber Threats: People or Technology?
  34. BrandPost: Know the Facts – Today’s Cyberthreat Landscape
  35. This Platform Is Making Management of Apple Devices Easy
  36. Discord quietly changed ToS, clock is ticking for US users to opt out of arbitration
  37. BrandPost: Tips for CISOs to Maintain Privacy and Reduce Risk as the Use of New Technology Increases
  38. 3 top multi-cloud security challenges, and how to build a strategy
  39. 3 ways politicians could prevent voting machines from being hacked (if they wanted to)
  40. Another government system breached; 75,000 people affected
  41. Trend Micro shines a light on its new cybersecurity solutions
  42. 5 open source intrusion detection tools that are too good to ignore
  43. What is Shodan? The search engine for everything on the internet
  44. Security executives on the move and in the news
  45. 7 best practices for negotiating ransomware payments
  46. IDG Contributor Network: The IoT tsunami is coming
  47. Ransomware attack hits North Carolina water utility following hurricane
  48. Review: Protecting API connections with Forum Sentry
  49. Best new Windows 10 security features: More patching, updating flexibility
  50. 35 million voter records from 19 states for sale on hacking forum
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