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  1. Underground Black-Market Website ‘BriansClub’ Hacked – 26 Million Stolen Credit Cards Rescued
  2. PortSmash – A New Side Channel Vulnerability in SMT/Hyper-Threading That Allows Attackers To Steal Sensitive Data
  3. Targeted SamSam Ransomware Attacks Continues to Breaking & Lock 67 Different Organizations Network
  4. Beware!! Cyber Criminals Stealing Cash From Cardless ATM Using SMS Phishing Attack
  5. Hackers are Selling Private Messages From at least 81,000 Facebook Users’ Accounts
  6. New Trickbot Malware Steal Password & Other Sensitive Data From Microsoft Outlook,Chrome,Firefox, IE, Edge
  7. Outlaw Hacking Group Using Command Injection Flow To Attack Organizations Network using Botnet via C&C Server
  8. How to Perform Manual SQL Injection With Double quotes Error Based String Method
  9. BLEEDINGBIT – Two Bluetooth Chip-level Vulnerabilities Affected Millions of Enterprise Wi-Fi Access Point Devices
  10. Hackers Exploit Cisco Zero Day Vulnerability in Wild Resulting in DoS Condition
  11. Hackers Drops New Emotet Malware to Perform Mass Email Exfiltration From Victims Email Client
  12. Radisson Hotel Group Data Breach Exposed Customer’s Personal Data
  13. Pdgmail – Forensic Tool to Analysis Process Memory Dump
  14. Chinese Intelligence Officers Accused For Hacking the Jet Engine Manufacturing Data From U.S based Aviation Companies
  15. Apple Released Security Updates for iOS, watchOS, Safari , tvOS, iTunes & Fixed Several Vulnerabilities
  16. Signal Introduces New Sender Anonymity Feature that Shield Sender Identity
  17. Employee Watched Porn at Work via 9000 Web pages Drops Malware on U.S Government Network
  18. 5 Most Important Things to Consider When Selecting a VPN for Streaming
  19. Widely Used Cryptocurrency App Launching 2 Different Powerful Backdoor on Mac Users
  20. Google Launches reCAPTCHA v3 – A New Way to Stop Bot Traffic
  21. Beware! Downloader Malware Disguised as Game Apps Found On Google Play with More Than 51,100 Installations
  22. Microsoft Bing Delivered Dangerous Malware When You Try to Download Google Chrome
  23. Most Important Web Application Security Tools & Resources for Hackers and Security Professionals
  24. Apple and Samsung Fined for Reducing the Functionality of Some Old SmartPhones
  25. Hacking vs Spying: How puzzling it is to Find the Hackers in Cyber World
  26. Hackers Offering DDoS-for-Hire Service Powered by Bushido Botnet in Dark Web Markets
  27. Unpatched Critical Bug in Microsoft Word Online Video Feature Allow Attacker to Deliver Powerful Malware
  28. *New* The Pirate Bay is Down – Top 5 Best Alternatives of 2018
  29. ICMP Shell- Secret Command and Control Channel to Control Victims Machine Using Ping
  30. New DemonBot Attack Hadoop Clusters to Performing DDoS Attacks using Powerful Cloud infrastructure servers
  31. New Malware Abusing Two Legitimate Windows Files to Steal Victims Personal Data
  32. Chalubo Botnet Compromise Your Server or IoT Device & Use it for DDOS Attack
  33. Cathay Pacific Hacked – More Than 9.4 Million Passengers Affected
  34. 5 Homeland Security Technologies That Might Be Commercialized
  35. Firefox 63 Released with Enhanced Tracking Protection and Fixes 14 Security Vulnerabilities
  36. ISP Provider Exposed 73 Gigabytes of Highly Sensitive Data Including To The Internet
  37. A Digital Currency for Everyone: 5 Easy Way Steps to Follow for Buying Bitcoin
  38. Information Security Risks With Vendors/3rd Parties – How Does it Matter for Banking & Financial Service Lines?
  39. FreeRTOS IoT OS Critical Vulnerabilities Affected Million of Smart Home & Critical Infrastructure Based IoT Devices
  40. Tesla Car Has Been Hacked and Stolen By Intercepting the Signal From Key Fob
  41. MITM attack over HTTPS connection with SSLStrip
  42. Natural Disaster Related Phishing Scam Abusing Microsoft Azure to Steal login Credentials & Credit Card Numbers
  43. India’s First Cryptocurrency ATM To Buy and Sell Cryptocurrencies
  44. Most Important Android Security Penetration Testing Tools for Hackers & Security Professionals
  45. Hackers Breach System and Steals Sensitive Personal Data of 75,000 Customers
  46. 2 Million Network Storage Devices From WD, SeaGate, NetGear Affected by Unpatched Zero-Day Vulnerabilities
  47. Intrusion Detection System (IDS) And Its Detailed Working Function -SOC/SIEM
  48. DarkPulsar – A Shadow Brokers Group’s New Hacking Tool Leak To Open Backdoor & Provide Remote Control
  49. Critical Code Execution Vulnerability Found in Libraries Used By VLC and Other Media Players
  50. Java Usage Tracker Critical Flaw Enable Hackers to Inject Arbitrary Files on Windows Systems
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