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  1. DarkSpiritz v2.0 - A Penetration Testing Framework For Linux, MacOS, And Windows Systems
  2. XSStrike v3.0 - Most Advanced XSS Detection Suite
  3. Telebix - An Application That Communicates With A Bot On The Telegram To Receive Commands And Send Information From An Infrastructure Monitored By Zabbix
  4. Shellcode-Encrypter-Decrypter - Shellcode Encrypter & Decrypter By Using XOR Cipher To Encrypt And Decrypt Shellcode
  5. Twitter-Intelligence - Twitter Intelligence OSINT Project Performs Tracking And Analysis Of The Twitter
  6. WPScan v3.3.1 - Black Box WordPress Vulnerability Scanner
  7. Munin - Online Hash Checker For Virustotal And Other Services
  8. Swap Digger - Tool That Automates Swap Extraction And Searches For Linux User Credentials, Web Forms Credentials, Web Forms Emails, Http Basic Authentication, Wifi SSID And Keys, Etc
  9. HeapHopper - A Bounded Model Checking Framework For Heap-implementations
  10. Gurp - Golang command-line interface to Burp Suite's REST API
  11. Put2Win - Script To Automatize Shell Upload By PUT HTTP Method To Get Meterpreter
  12. Udp2raw-tunnel - A UDP Tunnel which tunnels UDP via FakeTCP/UDP/ICMP Traffic by using Raw Socket [Bypass UDP FireWalls]
  13. Singularity - A DNS Rebinding Attack Framework
  14. PacketWhisper - Stealthily Exfiltrate Data And Defeat Attribution Using DNS Queries And Text-Based Steganography
  15. Web-Traffic-Generator - A Quick And Dirty HTTP/S "Organic" Traffic Generator
  16. Drltrace - Drltrace Is A Library Calls Tracer For Windows And Linux Applications
  17. ExchangeRelayX - An NTLM Relay Tool To The EWS Endpoint For On-Premise Exchange Servers (Provides An OWA For Hackers)
  18. KisMac - Open Source Wireless Stumbling And Security Tool For Mac OS X
  19. BillCipher - Information Gathering Tool For A Website Or IP Address
  20. Apache Struts v3 - Tool To Exploit 3 RCE Vulnerabilities On ApacheStruts
  21. Microctfs - Small CTF Challenges Running On Docker
  22. Syhunt Community Hybrid Scanner v6.2
  23. Crypton - Library Consisting Of Explanation And Implementation Of All The Existing Attacks On Various Encryption Systems, Digital Signatures, Hashing Algorithms
  24. Lynis 2.6.8 - Security Auditing Tool for Unix/Linux Systems
  25. ASWCrypter - An Bash&Python Script For Generating Payloads that Bypasses All Antivirus
  26. SharpShooter - Payload Generation Framework
  27. Rootstealer - X11 Trick To Inject Commands On Root Terminal
  28. CMSeeK v1.0.7 - CMS Detection And Exploitation Suite (Scan WordPress, Joomla, Drupal And 50 Other CMSs)
  29. Hcxdumptool - Small Tool To Capture Packets From Wlan Devices
  30. AutoSploit v2.2 - Automated Mass Exploiter
  31. macSubstrate - Tool For Interprocess Code Injection On macOS
  32. Pure Blood v2.0 - A Penetration Testing Framework Created For Hackers / Pentester / Bug Hunter
  33. Git-Secrets - Prevents You From Committing Secrets And Credentials Into Git Repositories
  34. Repokid - AWS Least Privilege For Distributed, High-Velocity Deployment
  35. Cloud Custodian - Rules Engine For Cloud Security, Cost Optimization, And Governance, DSL In Yaml For Policies To Query, Filter, And Take Actions On Resources
  36. Hindsight - Internet History Forensics For Google Chrome/Chromium
  37. Orbit - Cryptocurrency Wallets Relationship Visualizer
  38. Firecall - Automate SSH Communication With Firewalls, Switches, Etc.
  39. Lynis 2.6.5 - Security Auditing Tool for Unix/Linux Systems
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