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  1. Google Rolls Back Change Making Search Results Look Like Ads
  2. First MageCart Hackers Caught, Infected Hundreds of Web Stores
  3. Microsoft's IE Zero-day Fix is Breaking Windows Printing
  4. Patching the Citrix ADC Bug Doesn't Mean You Weren't Hacked
  5. 10% of All Macs Shlayered, Malware Cocktail Served
  6. Microsoft To Fix Windows 7 Black Wallpaper Bug for ESU Customers
  7. New Ryuk Info Stealer Targets Government and Military Secrets
  8. City of Potsdam Servers Offline Following Cyberattack
  9. U.S. Govt Agency Hit with New CARROTBALL Malware Dropper
  10. TrickBot Now Steals Windows Active Directory Credentials
  11. Euro Cup and Olympics Ticket Reseller Hit by MageCart
  12. Maze Ransomware Not Getting Paid, Leaks Data Left and Right
  13. Twitter Releases Updated Android App to Fix Crashes
  14. Microsoft Exposes 250M Customer Support Records on Leaky Servers
  15. Final Windows 7 Update Breaks Desktop Wallpaper Functionality
  16. FBI Warns Job Applicants of Scams Using Spoofed Company Sites
  17. Phishing Incident at UPS Store Chain Exposes Customer Info
  18. Microsoft Tests Office 'Ads' in Windows 10 Wordpad
  19. BitPyLock Ransomware Now Threatens to Publish Stolen Data
  20. Infiltrating Networks: Easier Than Ever Due to Evil Markets
  21. Emotet Malware Dabbles in Extortion With New Spam Template
  22. Citrix Patches CVE-2019-19781 Flaw in Citrix ADC 11.1 and 12.0
  23. New Nest Video Extortion Scam Plays Out Like a Spy Game
  24. Microsoft Issues Mitigation for Actively Exploited IE Zero-Day
  25. New US Bill Wants to Assign State Cybersecurity Coordinators
  26. FBI Says State Actors Hacked US Govt Network With Pulse VPN Flaw
  27. Fraudsters Set Up Site Selling Temporary Social Security Numbers
  28. Dutch Govt Suggests Turning Off Citrix ADC Devices, Mitigations May Fail
  29. Google Chrome Adds Protection for NSA's Windows CryptoAPI Flaw
  30. TrickBot Now Uses a Windows 10 UAC Bypass to Evade Detection
  31. Google to Kill Chrome Apps Across All Platforms
  32. Microsoft Office January Security Updates Fix Code Execution Bugs
  33. Google Chrome Aims to Make Browser User-Agents Obsolete
  34. Intel Patches High Severity Flaw in VTune Performance Profiler
  35. Windows 10 Cumulative Updates KB4528760 & KB4534273 Released
  36. Ryuk Ransomware Uses Wake-on-Lan To Encrypt Offline Devices
  37. BEC Scammers Use Aging Report Phishing to Find New Targets
  38. Emotet Malware Restarts Spam Attacks After Holiday Break
  39. Windows 7 Reminder: Get a Free Windows 10 Upgrade While You Can
  40. The Week in Ransomware - January 10th 2020 - Now Data Breaches
  41. Sodinokibi Ransomware Hits New York Airport Systems
  42. Australia Bushfire Donors Affected by Credit Card Skimming Attack
  43. Sodinikibi Ransomware Hits New York Airport Systems
  44. US Govt Warns of Attacks on Unpatched Pulse VPN Servers
  45. Microsoft Enables Security Defaults in Azure Active Directory
  46. Ako Ransomware: Another Day, Another Infection Attacking Businesses
  47. KDE Plasma Welcomes Windows 7 Refugees to the Linux Side
  48. Sodinokibi Ransomware Says Travelex Will Pay, One Way or Another
  49. Cryptojacking Drops by 78% in Southeast Asia After INTERPOL Action
  50. Mozilla Firefox 72.0.1 Patches Actively Exploited Zero-Day
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