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  1. Apple Reports Record First Quarter Results
  2. Huawei set for limited role in UK 5G networks
  3. Using OpenAI Gym to train an open-source 3D printed robot
  4. D for Data Science: Calling R from D
  5. GNU Recutils
  6. Cartographer: Tool for String Diagrammatic Reasoning
  7. SQLite Is Serverless
  8. Why did we wait so long for the cotton gin? (2017)
  9. An Existential Crisis in Neuroscience
  10. PandaPy has the speed of NumPy and the usability of Pandas
  11. Preliminary analysis of 11 Novel Coronavirus genomes from the Wuhan outbreak
  12. Show HN: PostgreSQL Configuration for Humans
  13. Rust on RISC-V (VexRiscv) on SpinalHDL with SymbiFlow on the Supercon Badge
  14. Fixing Google Map Transit Feed Mistakes in Taiwan
  15. Talking to myself: how I trained GPT2-1.5b for rubber ducking using my chat data
  16. Procrastination is about managing emotions, not time
  17. Emma Willard's Maps of Time
  18. uLisp – ARM Assembler in Lisp
  19. U.S. drinking water widely contaminated with 'forever chemicals': report
  20. NeXTSTEP on the HP 712 Part 1: Installation
  21. WikiHow’s art is made by a network of freelancers, mostly in the Philippines
  22. Apple dropped plan for encrypting backups after FBI complained
  23. My story as a self-taught AI researcher
  24. LastPass stores passwords so securely, not even its users can access them
  25. BMW Connected Apps Protocol
  26. Stylish suburbs: how ancient Mexican metropolis dodged inequality trap (2019)
  27. Show HN: A set of standard document templates
  28. Volkswagen exec admits full self-driving cars 'may never happen'
  29. A biotechnology dream: nitrogen-fixing cereal crops
  30. How the internet helped crack the Astros' sign-stealing case
  31. A Sober Look at Bayesian Neural Networks
  32. Gathering Intel on Intel AVX-512 Transitions
  33. DigitalOcean is laying off staff
  34. BlackRock’s decision to dump coal signals what’s next
  35. The technology pushed into schools today is a threat to child development
  36. Unofficial Apple Archive
  37. Google is killing off Chrome apps
  38. Climate threats now dominate long-term risks, survey of global leaders finds
  39. Security Architecture Anti-Patterns
  40. Pragmatic Array Oriented Functional Programming [video]
  41. Show HN: Write a private diary using good old email
  42. Secretive Surveillance Company Is Selling Cops Cameras Hidden in Gravestones
  43. How to Be Good: The Philosopher Derek Parfit (2011)
  44. Why the foundations of physics have not progressed for 40 years
  45. How to Allocate Memory (2016)
  46. Show HN: Hacker News for Technology Podcasts
  47. Court rules AI-written article has copyright
  48. A calculator for the Terminal that renders beautiful math
  49. What sci-fi can tell us about the future
  50. Zeta: Functional Neural Networks in Ocaml
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