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  1. The Rust borrow checker from a different perspective
  2. Toward an AI Physicist for Unsupervised Learning
  3. Redbird: A modern reverse proxy for Node
  4. Stealing Chrome cookies without a password
  5. Prison time, hefty fines for data privacy violations: draft U.S. Senate bill
  6. Show HN: Simple Budgeting
  7. A Guide to Undefined Behavior in C and C++ (2010)
  8. The Story of WordPress
  9. Tech companies pay poor Kenyans to produce training data for AI
  10. U.S. Freelance Workforce, Now 56.7M People, Grew 3.7M Since 2014
  11. Show HN: Glorious Demo – Create animations for your code samples
  12. Visualizing SQL Plan Execution Time with FlameGraphs
  13. One System, Universal Service?
  14. U.S. Says China State-Owned Company Stole Micron Secrets
  15. Alan Kay: Is it too late to create a healthy future? [video]
  16. Protect the last of the wild
  17. How horror changed after WW1
  18. Show HN: Basilica – word2vec for anything
  19. We posed as 100 Senators to run ads on Facebook. Facebook approved all of them
  20. Designing a new funding structure for bootstrappers
  21. The backlash against overtourism
  22. Teaching C (2016)
  23. Building a fly brain in a computer
  24. Show HN: Share company announcements in your coworkers' new tab
  25. Show HN: ReadHNLater – A HN PWA with a “Read It Later” Feature
  26. The Waiting Time Paradox, Or, Why Is My Bus Always Late?
  27. Etleap Is Hiring Java Engineers to Build Next-Gen ETL
  28. For back pain, the subtle moves of the Feldenkrais Method can help some people
  29. Show HN: A note-taking web app that won't ever betray you
  30. The Death and Life of the 13-Month Calendar
  31. Compiling to Categories (2017) [video]
  32. Understanding Reduced-Voltage Operation in Modern DRAM Devices [pdf]
  33. Why might reading make myopic?
  34. To Save Endangered Species, Should We Bring Them into Our Cities?
  35. Unicorn: lightweight, multi-platform, multi-architecture CPU emulator framework
  36. Ply: Lightweight, Dynamic Tracing in Linux
  37. Is Gutenberg the End or a New Beginning for WordPress?
  38. Towards fearless SIMD
  39. Nobody knows how to cite 4chan mathematicians who solved an interesting problem
  40. Drilling Down on Depth Sensing and Deep Learning
  41. Jepsen: MongoDB 3.6.4
  42. Focals by North
  43. Open-Sourcing Subzero: Square’s Bitcoin Cold Storage Solution
  44. The Marvel API
  45. The Intl.RelativeTimeFormat API
  46. An invitation to category theory
  47. An update on GNU performance
  48. Are our brains Bayesian? (2016)
  49. Notes on Landauer's principle, reversible computation, Maxwell's Demon (2003) [pdf]
  50. MIT AGI: Conversation with Yoshua Bengio [video]
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