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  1. If PDF equals Pretty Damn Frustrating to you, this app may change your mind
  2. This gadget helps you sleep at 33,000ft by strapping your head to your seat
  3. Here’s how you take a screenshot on your Samsung Galaxy phone
  4. The new space race is all about satellites: Pros and cons of each orbit
  5. Watch: US Navy shoots down a (fake) nuclear missile in space
  6. Twitter is sorry about that whole ‘Kill all Jews’ thing
  7. Twitter’s privacy settings, explained
  8. Review: Sennheiser’s HD820 are superb, imperfect headphones like no other
  9. Influencer marketing is bullshit
  10. I wish Moshi’s Avanti Air headphones sounded as good as they look
  11. 3 ways the blockchain industry is slowly moving towards gender equality
  12. This exchange turned a bus into a Bitcoin ad to bypass Google’s crypto-ban
  13. This Day in Deals: 50% off a printer so you can create your own smut
  14. October in Africa: Egypt stifles tech innovation, Google gets busy
  15. Hong Kong steps up regulation and brings crypto-funds under SFC
  16. Vibes: The next-gen earplugs that save your hearing and the music…with a deal that saves you 25%
  17. South Korea: North Korea is still hacking our computers to mine cryptocurrency
  18. JP Morgan CEO on Bitcoin: ‘I just don’t give a fuck’
  19. Trendy challenger bank Monzo is Britain’s latest unicorn startup
  20. Spooky data visualization reveals most haunted cities in the US
  21. Apple is finally updating the MacBook Air with a Retina display
  22. Report: Bitcoin volatility hits low as cryptocurrency trading volume tanks
  23. Bitcoin’s marketcap as a sound is a terrifying symphony of ups and downs
  24. Research: Wired headphones sound better than bluetooth sets
  25. London is making life way too hard for mobility tech companies
  26. Vankyo’s Android mini-projector is a date night delight
  27. Is Tim Cook the champion of privacy?
  28. Library of Congress deems video game preservation legal — to a point
  29. This app supports those struggling with opioid addiction
  30. #DoctorsAreDickheads is hashtag activism at its most ineffectual
  31. Stablecoins: Essential info for confused cryptocurrency traders
  32. Review: RHA’s $170 TrueConnect wireless earbuds are worth every penny
  33. This is the fastest way to start a new Google doc, sheet, or presentation
  34. Someone paid $432K for art generated by an open-source neural network
  35. Report: Central banks split over how to issue digital fiat currencies
  36. Everybody’s podcasting, so learn these steps to join the party for under $35
  37. Xiaomi’s gorgeous Mi Mix 3 is the world’s first 5G phone
  38. Spanish authorities want citizens to disclose all their hodlings
  39. Tim Cook supports EU’s strict privacy laws — but thinks taxes are ‘crap’
  40. Facebook trims Messenger’s clutter with new update
  41. Use Microsoft Office like a pro (and get hired) with omnibus training for less than $4 a course
  42. Apple will fix the iPhone XS’ problematic ‘beauty filter’ in iOS 12.1
  43. HTC’s ‘blockchain phone’ is real, and you can now pre-order it with Bitcoin and ETH
  44. Open floor plans should be killed with fire — or sound
  45. SaneBox knows which emails matter and sorts them all — check it out for just $39
  46. Facebook is reportedly shopping around for a cybersecurity firm
  47. Here’s why black women’s #MeToo experiences are different
  48. Violent videos put journalists at increased risk of post-traumatic stress
  49. Battlefield V devs reveal how they recreate era-appropriate sounds
  50. Chrome 70’s best new feature is picture-in picture
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