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  1. Critical auth bypass issues affect InfiniteWP Client and WP Time Capsule WordPress plugins
  2. 5ss5c Ransomware emerges after Satan went down in the hell
  3. P&N Bank data breach may have impacted 100,000 West Australians
  4. Hacker offers for sale 49 million user records from US data broker LimeLeads
  5. Iranian Threat Actors: Preliminary Analysis
  6. Microsoft addresses CVE-2020-0601 flaw, the first issue ever reported by NSA
  7. January 2020 Adobe Patch Tuesday updates fix issues in Illustrator, Experience Manager
  8. Cisco addressed a high-severity bug in Webex that could allow Remote Code Execution
  9. US officials meet UK peers to remark the urgency to ban Huawei 5G tech
  10. Hacker that hit UK National Lottery in 2016 was sentenced to prison
  11. New Bill prohibits intelligence sharing with countries using Huawei 5G equipment
  12. MageCart attack hit Australia bushfire Donors
  13. Google removed 1.7K+ Joker Malware infected apps from its Play Store
  14. CISA warns that Pulse Secure VPN issue CVE-2019-11510 is still exploited
  15. Albany County Airport authority hit by a ransomware attack
  16. Two MageCart groups competed to steal credit cards data from Perricone MD ‘s European skincare sites
  17. 56.25 million US residents records collected by CheckPeople exposed on a Chinese server
  18. North Korea-linked Lazarus APT continues to target cryptocurrency exchanges
  19. Experts warn of ongoing scans for Citrix servers affected by CVE-2019-19781
  20. TrickBot gangs developed the PowerTrick backdoor for high-value targets
  21. Interpol: Goldfish Alpha operation reduces cryptojacking by 78%
  22. Mozilla addresses CVE-2019-17026 Firefox Zero-Day exploited in targeted attacks
  23. The city of Las Vegas announced it has suffered a cyber attack
  24. MITRE presents ATT&CK for ICS, a knowledge base for ICS
  25. SNAKE Ransomware is targeting business networks
  26. Medical info of 49,351 patients exposed in Alomere Health hospital breach
  27. Google blocks Xiaomi integrations on Nest hub over privacy concerns
  28. Malicious app exploiting CVE-2019-2215 zero-day available in Google Play since March
  29. HappyHotel, popular search engine for love hotels in Japan discloses data breach
  30. DHS warns of Iran-linked attacks in a National Terrorism Advisory System bulletin
  31. Austria’s foreign ministry is facing a ‘serious cyberattack’
  32. California IT service provider Synoptek pays ransom after Sodinokibi attack
  33. DeathRansom ransomware evolves encrypting files, but experts identified its author
  34. BusKill, a $20 USB Dead Man’s Switch for Linux Laptop
  35. Facebook fined $1.65 by Brazil Governenment over Cambridge Analytica
  36. Travelex currency exchange suspends services after malware attack
  37. Remote Command Execution and Information disclosure flaws affect dozens of D-Link routers
  38. US restaurant chain Landry’s discloses payment card breach
  39. Poloniex forces password reset following a data leak
  40. Crooks use Star Wars saga as bait in Phishing and malware attacks
  41. Watch out, sextortion scammers are using a new tactic
  42. Shitcoin Wallet Chrome extension steals crypto-wallet private keys and passwords
  43. Mariah Carey ‘s Twitter Hacked on New Year’s Eve
  44. Dark web Grey Market still down, users speculate possible Exit Scam
  45. DHS report – Voting systems in North Carolina county in 2016 were not hacked
  46. Microsoft sued North Korea-linked Thallium group
  47. Wawa faces several lawsuits following a massive payment card breach
  48. Vladimir Putin ‘s computers still run Windows XP, Media reports
  49. UN approves Russia-Cina sponsored resolution on new cybercrime convention
  50. UAE government denies using ToTok for mass surveillance
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