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  1. Data Breach Notification Laws Around the World Are Finally Starting to Tighten
  2. Location Privacy Is More Important Than You Think
  3. The Rise of Data Fundamentalism and Its Impact on Marketing Consent Rates
  4. Adopting a Hacker’s Point of View
  5. The FTC: The Shadow Cyber Regulator That Will Determine the Future of Self-Driving Cars
  6. CCPA Compliance Poses Significant Challenges for U.S. Companies
  7. America’s Big Tech Companies Finally Waking up to the Idea of Federal Privacy Laws
  8. How Much Does Crime Data Help Decrease Criminal Activity?
  9. GDPR: Overcoming Legal Uncertainty With Modern Regulation
  10. Companies Using Push Notifications for Mobile App Uninstall Tracking
  11. More to Fear Than Fear Itself: Online Threats and What You Can Do About Them
  12. Facebook Portal Collecting Data Despite Initial Denial
  13. Why Millennials Are Likely to Get Tricked This Halloween
  14. Asian Countries to Roll Out National Digital ID Initiatives
  15. GAO Audit Uncovers Cyber Vulnerabilities in Pentagon Weapons Systems
  16. A GDPR Catch 22?
  17. Why the Tech Industry Is Pushing for a Federal Privacy Law
  18. Protecting Corporate Reputation Through Data Breach Response
  19. New California Law Will Make Weak Passwords for Connected Devices Illegal
  20. Voting Machines Vulnerable to Hacks That Could Change Presidential Election Outcome
  21. First GDPR Fines and Sanctions Expected Shortly
  22. Google Data Breach Raises New Concerns About Silicon Valley Privacy Practices
  23. Lessons from the Uber Breach Settlement
  24. Russian Hackers Pose an International Persistent Threat
  25. Weakening Encryption Will Only Leave Us Less Secure
  26. Neue „Tech Week“ ist exklusiver Schauplatz für 7 Top-B2B-Events zu Digitaler Transformation und präsentiert aktuelle Trends, Best-Practice-Beispiele und innovative Lösungen für Unternehmen
  27. Lessons from the Alleged Supply Chain Attack by Chinese Spies
  28. Are You Ready to Report on GDPR Compliance?
  29. Facebook Data Breach Resulted in 50 Million Compromised Accounts
  30. Making Compliance with Cybersecurity Regulations Easy for Critical Infrastructure
  31. Autonomous Vehicles and the Threat of Hacking
  32. Coffee with Privacy Leaders: Creating Balance and Integration
  33. What Expanded Privacy Legislation Could Mean for Your Website
  34. What Does It Take to Become a Leading CISO?
  35. Five Eyes Want Access to Data from Tech Companies
  36. Multinationals Face Unique Challenges for Data Privacy and Security Compliance
  37. IoT in the Workplace: Bigger Than Your Boardroom
  38. What Does India’s Proposed New Data Protection Law Mean for the Country – and the Rest of the World?
  39. Insider Threats: Not Just That Unhappy Employee
  40. Selling Customer Data Is Big Business in China
  41. When It’s More Than What We See, How Do We Prepare?
  42. Are You Ready to Report on GDPR Compliance?
  43. Business Travelers Highlight Public Wifi Security Risk
  44. 12 Reasons Why Data Privacy Protection Brings Business Value
  45. Strava Heat Map Incident: How Civilian Technology in Military Settings Needs to Be Controlled
  46. Beyond Legislation: Building and Retaining Customer Loyalty with Data Transparency
  47. Strava Data Breach: How Civilian Technology in Military Settings Needs to Be Controlled
  48. The Human-Factor in Cybersecurity Training: Why Adopting a Holistic Approach Is Most Valuable
  49. Trust Issues – SIM Swap Scam Sees AT&T Sued for $228.8 Million
  50. Cyber Hygiene: The Need to Focus on Cyber Security Basics
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