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  1. Gate Drive Measurement Considerations
  2. IEEE Day 2019 Was a Global Success. What Will You Do for 2020?
  3. Indian Solar Energy Project Takes Home $100,000 IEEE Prize
  4. PigeonBot Uses Real Feathers to Explore How Birds Fly
  5. Seeing Around the Corner With Lasers—and Speckle
  6. Researchers Can Make AI Forget You
  7. Use IEEE DataPort to Share Your Research Data Sets
  8. Ferroelectric Semiconductors Could Mix Memory and Logic
  9. Your Guide to Sprinting Across the 5G Finish Line First.
  10. Are Your Students Bored? This AI Could Tell You
  11. A Lithium-Ion Battery That You Can Scrunch
  12. CES 2020: The Best—and Wildest—Gadgets
  13. FCC Filing Confirms Final Contestant in DARPA’s $12 Million Satellite Launch Challenge
  14. Video Friday: Samsung Unveils Ball-Shaped Personal Robot
  15. Puerto Rico Goes Dark (Again) as Earthquakes Rattle Island
  16. Breaking Down Barriers in FPGA Engineering Speeds up Development
  17. IEEE Adopts New Diversity Statement
  18. Proposed IEEE Code of Ethics Revisions
  19. Long-lasting Lithium-Sulfur Battery Promises to Double EV Range
  20. Diode Lasers Jump to the Deep Ultraviolet
  21. The Most Read Automaton Stories of the Last Decade
  22. CES 2020: Bzigo Laser System Detects and Tracks Mosquitoes So You Can Destroy Them
  23. How to Improve Security Visibility and Detection-Response Operations in AWS
  24. CES 2020 News: Tech Executives Answer Tough Questions About Privacy
  25. CES 2020 News: Delta Airlines Dips Into Parallel Realities at Detroit Metro Airport
  26. Neural Networks Can Drive Virtual Racecars Without Learning
  27. Hiro-chan Is a Faceless Robot Baby
  28. Meet the IEEE Fellows Class of 2020
  29. CES 2020 News: TV Makers Face Consumers Who Don’t Need So Many TVs
  30. CES 2020: Robot Vacuums That Don’t Repeat Mistakes, and Other Little Fixes to Life’s Annoyances
  31. Will China Attain Exascale Supercomputing in 2020?
  32. Building a Quantum Computer From Off-the-Shelf Parts
  33. Test of Complex Autonomous Vehicle Designs
  34. CES 2020: Toyota Is Building an Entire City Full of Autonomous Cars and Robots
  35. 10 Tantalizing Tech Milestones to Look for in 2020
  36. Anki's Robots May Have a Future
  37. Panasonic’s Cloud Analytics Will Give Cars a Guardian Angel
  38. Caltech’s Brain-Controlled Exoskeleton Will Help Paraplegics Walk
  39. Ampacity Calculations of High-Voltage Cables Using Multiphysics Simulation
  40. No Job Is Too Small for Compact Geostationary Satellites
  41. U.S. Consumers Might Get Their First Taste of Transgenic Salmon This Year
  42. CES 2020 Trends: Get Ready for Holographs, Augmented Reality, and Smart Bathrooms
  43. Back To The Elusive Future
  44. Boeing’s Autonomous Fighter Jet Will Fly Over the Australian Outback
  45. 6 Things That Can Help Propel Girls in STEM
  46. Artificial Intelligence in Software Defined SIGINT Systems
  47. Volkswagen’s Concept Robot Would Bring Mobile EV Charging to Any Garage
  48. Top Tech 2020
  49. U.S. Commercial Drone Deliveries Will Finally Be a Thing in 2020
  50. The Hidden Figures Behind Bletchley Park’s Code-Breaking Colossus
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