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  1. Moving Beyond CTR: Better Recommendations Through Human Evaluation
  2. Propensity Modeling, Causal Inference, and Discovering Drivers of Growth
  3. Product Insights for Airbnb
  4. Exploring LSTMs
  5. Improving Twitter Search with Real-Time Human Computation
  6. Edge Prediction in a Social Graph: My Solution to Facebook's User Recommendation Contest on Kaggle
  7. Soda vs. Pop with Twitter
  8. Infinite Mixture Models with Nonparametric Bayes and the Dirichlet Process
  9. Instant Interactive Visualization with d3 + ggplot2
  10. Movie Recommendations and More via MapReduce and Scalding
  11. Quick Introduction to ggplot2
  12. Introduction to Conditional Random Fields
  13. Winning the Netflix Prize: A Summary
  14. Stuff Harvard People Like
  15. Information Transmission in a Social Network: Dissecting the Spread of a Quora Post
  16. Introduction to Latent Dirichlet Allocation
  17. Introduction to Restricted Boltzmann Machines
  18. Topic Modeling the Sarah Palin Emails
  19. Filtering for English Tweets: Unsupervised Language Detection on Twitter
  20. Choosing a Machine Learning Classifier
  21. Kickstarter Data Analysis: Success and Pricing
  22. A Mathematical Introduction to Least Angle Regression
  23. Introduction to Cointegration and Pairs Trading
  24. Counting Clusters
  25. Hacker News Analysis
  26. Layman's Introduction to Measure Theory
  27. Layman's Introduction to Random Forests
  28. Netflix Prize Summary: Factorization Meets the Neighborhood
  29. Netflix Prize Summary: Scalable Collaborative Filtering with Jointly Derived Neighborhood Interpolation Weights
  30. Prime Numbers and the Riemann Zeta Function
  31. Topological Combinatorics and the Evasiveness Conjecture
  32. Item-to-Item Collaborative Filtering with Amazon's Recommendation System
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