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  1. Intel To Challenge AMD With 48 Core “Cascade Lake” Xeon AP
  2. Compiling History To Understand The Future
  3. Datacenter 25G Ethernet Upgrade Wave Lifts Mellanox
  4. Delivering On The Promise Of Network Function Virtualization
  5. Ohio Supercomputer Center Picks CPUs, GPUs, and Liquid Cooling For Pitzer Cluster
  6. Broadening The Appeal Of Distributed NVM-Express Storage
  7. How NVIDIA’s Tensor Core GPUs Power Pioneering Biometric Discoveries
  8. Cray Slingshots Back Into HPC Interconnects With Shasta Systems
  9. Berkeley Lab First In Line for Cray “Shasta” Supercomputers
  10. Bringing Researchers to the Frontier of FPGA Development
  11. Big Blue Dons A $34 Billion Red Hat
  12. Intel’s Data Center Group Rides A Wave Of Compute Demand
  13. AMD Inches Up Server Share On The Way To Rome
  14. Broader Reduced Precision HPC on Horizon
  15. The Plan For Europe’s Homegrown Exascale HPC
  16. GPU And Genomics Heavyweights Team On AI for Healthcare
  17. Transforming HPC Research with AI Approaches
  18. The 400G Ethernet Ramp About Radix As Much As Bandwidth
  19. Why Large-Scale Quantum Simulators Matter
  20. Spanning The Clouds, Public And Private, With The Kubernetes Stack
  21. Great Lakes Super To Remove Islands Of Compute
  22. Deep Learning Is Coming Of Age
  23. Someone Has To Pay To Push The Bleeding Edge Of Systems
  24. Hadoop And Spark Get A Vector Performance Boost
  25. A New Datacenter Compels Arm To Create A New Chip Line
  26. Red Hat Flexes CoreOS Muscle In OpenShift Kubernetes Platform
  27. Where The FPGA Hits The Server Road For Inference Acceleration
  28. Teasing Out The Bang For The Buck Of Inference Engines
  29. Getting HPC Simulations to Speak Deep Learning
  30. Shooting The Machine Learning Rapids With Open Source
  31. Architecting Storage And Compute At Exascale
  32. HPC File Systems Fail for Deep Learning at Scale
  33. Accelerating the Shift to Software Defined Visualization
  34. Deep Learning Just Dipped into Exascale Territory
  35. Deep Learning Just Dipped into Exascale Territory
  36. Hadoop Needs To Be A Business, Not Just A Platform
  37. Full Qubit Access a Game-Changer for Quantum Development
  38. In A Parallel Universe, Data Warehouses Run On GPUs
  39. Will a Billion Dollars Buy Europe Exascale Dominance?
  40. Inferring The Future Of The FPGA, And Then Making It
  41. Open Compute A Foot In the Datacenter Door For Inspur
  42. Boosting the Clock for High Performance FPGA Inference
  43. A Rare Peek into IBM’s True North Neuromorphic Chip
  44. Virtualization Is The Real Opportunity For Epyc
  45. How OpenStack Lassoes Yahoo’s 4 Million Server Cores
  46. Deep Learning Infiltrating HPC Physics Domains
  47. Forging A Hybrid CPU-FPGA Supercomputer
  48. Intel Kicks FPGA Performance Up a Notch With Stratix 10 PAC
  49. Microsoft Focuses Azure More Tightly On HPC And AI
  50. Berkeley Lab Building Own Open Architecture Quantum Chips
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